Here's the latest radio interview that showcases tips to guide you to transform your boring bio from wallpaper to wow to attract more clients now.

One of the questions I get very often is how to write a bio when experience, track record, and other “must haves” are missing. This is a common lament because so many people are in some stage of reinvention.  I answer this question toward the end of this interview, so be sure to listen in if this is a pain you are dealing with in your business that needs a favorable reframe.  There is also a special offer at the end of the show you won't want to miss if getting your bio ready to rock is a priority.  The first ten people to respond benefit, so listen in and act.

Thanks to Jenn and Steve at the Your Life Matters Radio Show for inviting me to share content to serve their listeners.    If you would like to share your message on this show, visit the “Contact the Show” link on the site to suggest a topic that would add value to the conversation.   Jenn and Steve tell me that they have a loyal audience of 65,000 listeners, and they broadcast five days a week, so that is a great many people who could benefit from your message.  Good luck as you get seen, heard, celebrated and ultimately compensated for YOUR expert status.