Every now and then, I get a call from someone who needs PR in the worst way and asks for it in an even worse way. The conversation starts something like this: “I really need your service, I don't have much budget to work with, and I need help right now. Can we talk?”

Oh boy. I can't wait to continue this conversation.

I get calls like this more often than I'd like, and I just scratch my head. How you ask for what you want matters. Starting a conversation in this way reveals volumes about you — and the story isn't a good one.

No matter what service you are seeking, remember that service providers want to work with great clients who value their time, see value in the products or services they offer, and have the resources to pay for them. If you reveal otherwise with the first sentence you utter, what are the chances that you will attract and engage the right resources to solve your problems? Consider that food for thought on a Tuesday morning.