7761806-peaches-isolated-on-whiteI received this “thank you note” from a “Bio Doc is In” webinar listener last week.

“I want to thank you for the telecall a few weeks ago. I so enjoyed you. You are, to use a favorite phrase here in Georgia, just a Peach! The information was fantastic. A sucker for alliteration and great analogies, it was super fun for me to soak up all of yours. I listen to so many calls and webinars that are less than enjoyable, with less than stellar offerings at the end.  Yours was like a breath of fresh air. Great job! Thanks again.”

— Betsy SextonBetsySexton

If you haven't heard me deliver this talk before, join me on July 16 at noon PST. I promise to put plenty of juice into the call to make your bio better!