I am starting the year with four amazing clients that all have Oprah-worthy stories to tell, and I can't wait to report back to you that I have earned the publicity I seek for Affirmagy, Olympic Hot Tub Company, Seattle Chocolate Company, and Working with Power LLC. In the meantime, I am immersing myself in everything I can learn about how to successfully make those pitches. Best of all, I am bringing the best expert resource on the topic to you.

Please join me for a teleseminar on February 5 at 10 a.m. PST to listen to a one-hour session with the PR expert who wrote the books on earning “ink and air” with Oprah. Sign up today to claim one of the 70 seats that still remain for this high value teleseminar with Susan Harrow, strategic marketing and media coach and CEO of PR Secrets. Don't miss out on this remarkable opportunity to learn from one of the best! You can register for this complimentary session at this link.

I will interview Susan on how you can create sound bites that get you ink & air on national shows like Oprah.

How to Create Soundbites that Get You on Oprah
and Other National TV Talk Shows

You'll learn:


  • The 3 things you must do before you even begin contacting the media.




  • Tips on how to create sound bites that can get you on Oprah and other top talk shows.




  • Magic words and phrases to say to producers that keep them listening.




  • Critical mistakes to avoid that can get you banished from producer's rolodexes and files.




  • The Oprah Show and O Magazine hot buttons.




  • BONUS: A special surprise that you don't know about Oprah that can make you a fortune.



I sent out my Authentic Visibility ezine to announce this event last night, and the first 30 of the 100 places on the call were claimed immediately. If you share my interest and commitment to earn Oprah's attention in 2008, I invite you to register for this Feb. 5 teleclass right away before all the seats are taken. Here is the link to make it easy. “See” you on the call!

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