I’m sure you’ve been told that group coaching or creating a mastermind is the ticket to recurring revenue and business expansion, and maybe you’ve always wondered how you could pull that off or if it’s right for you (or your clients!). 

I chat with a business coach and mastermind guru with over 30 years experience of building six figure masterminds (of his own and for others) as he shares WHY they are so powerful (it may not be what you originally think), how to create one and what can make or break one. 

Here’s what we covered:

  • What is a Mastermind and how is it different from group coaching
  • How to leverage masterminds for scaling a business and creating recurring revenue.
  • The REAL power of a mastermind (relationships & trust) 
  • How to start your own mastermind, including how to set boundaries and standards
  • Jays special sauce that contributes to the success of the 6 figure masterminds he’s helped build

Key Moments: 

  • 04:36  Benefits of Mastermind Groups 
  • 08:35  The Power of Mastermind Groups for Coaches, Experts, and Speakers
  • 18:00  How To Build A Successful Mastermind Program
  • 25:13  Building Relationships and Setting Standards
  • 30:48  Unlock Your Mastermind Potential with 6 Figure Masterminds Boot Camp
  • 34:30  The Mastermind Ready Scorecard

The Journey of Resilience: From Loss to Triumph

Jay Fairbrother's narrative is a tale of resilience and redemption. Despite experiencing a significant setback after losing everything in the 2010 financial crisis, Jay rose from the ashes with the unwavering support of mastermind groups. His journey from multimillionaire to bankruptcy, divorce, and shame underscores the profound impact of having a network of like-minded individuals who uplift and empower each other.

Mastermind Vs Group Coaching

According to Napoleon Hill, a mastermind is created when individuals with diverse expertise and experiences come together, generating a collective force that propels each member towards success. While group coaching often revolves around a hierarchical relationship with a guru, masterminds emphasize peer support, collaboration, and shared growth.

The Human Connection: Core of Mastermind Success

The crux of a mastermind group lies in fostering genuine human connections, transcending the realm of mere transactions. Jay emphasizes the pivotal role of relationships in creating a supportive environment where members can authentically engage, learn, and evolve.

Key Elements of Successful Masterminds

Curating a group of individuals who align with the ethos and values of the mastermind ensures a cohesive and supportive environment. Establishing a culture of respect, punctuality, and reciprocity among members fosters a safe space for vulnerability and growth.

Transitioning to High-End Masterminds: A Paradigm Shift

Jay advocates for a shift towards high-ticket mastermind offerings, highlighting the efficiency and impact of serving fewer clients at a premium level. By focusing on value delivery, transformation, and building deep connections, entrepreneurs can accelerate their path to success and financial abundance.

Mastermind Ready Scorecard and Boot Camp

Jay shares a tool designed to assess readiness and identify strengths and areas for improvement in launching a mastermind. Plus hear about his transformative 3-day virtual event that guides participants in crafting their unique mastermind blueprint, attracting ideal members, and creating a roadmap for a successful launch.

Stepping into the realm of mastermind leadership is not just about financial gain but about creating a profound impact, fostering authentic relationships, and supporting collective growth and transformation.

Should you like to lean in to learn more, Jay offers a scorecard to help you determine any gaps to bridge before you curate YOUR mastermind. He is also hosting a virtual 3-day event next month.

Get Your Scorecard Results to Learn if Your Business is Ready to Scale!
3 Day Six Figure Masterminds Bootcamp



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