Patrick and Nancy

Inspirational Speaker and Best-Selling Author Patrick Snow Rocks House at Publici-Tea™ Express

Friday’s Publici-Tea™ Express was the best-attended event ever.   Inspirational Speaker and Best-Selling Author Patrick Snow shared the podium with me and empowered over 80 event guests to consider whether publishing a book is the right approach to take to build their expertise.

We were fortunate to have Biznik Co-Founder Lara Feltin  (second from the right in the group photo) in the house, educating guests about the value of membership.  And Puget Sound Business Journal Circulation Director Mark Rollo was on hand to extend 20% Publici-Tea™ Express subscription discounts to those who want to start, renew, or extend their subscriptions.

By the way, the 2010 Book of Lists comes out next month. This is a powerful sales prospecting tool to help you set up your 2010 to be the best ever.   If you’d like to take advantage of this discount when you start, renew, or extend your subscription, just click on the Puget Sound Business Journal logo on the right hand side of the navigation and follow the easy instructions.   The best way to get seen, heard, and celebrated in the media is to first pay attention to the media you would like to carry your message.  The Puget Sound Business Journal is a great place to start.

People said the energy in the room at Publici-Tea™ Express was electric and very positive, and guests certainly lingered, connected, and enjoyed their time in the beautiful Seattle Design Center as we pondered the merits of getting into DIY publicity and social media action.

There are nine Publici-Tea™ Express Workshop dates set for 2010:

January 22 February 19 March 19
April 16 May 14 June 18
September 17 October 15 November 5

Mark your calendars now so you can make learning about DIY publicity, social media, and other Authentic Visibility topics a priority in the New Year.   I can’t wait to welcome you to the Publici-Tea™ Express family.

Authentic Visibility Question of the Day:  If you were “in the house” at Friday’s event, what did YOU think about it?  Did you gain value and get excited about putting your DIY publicity and social media action plan in motion?   Please share your comments here!