I read all the latest information about what works to build a tribe of fans and followers.  And then I jump in and see what magic I can manifest both for my tribe and for my own business.  That’s why I thought you might find it of interest what I have observed with my own very recent YouTube experiment.

One year ago, my first Bye-Bye Boring Bio YouTube video went live and  invited 1000 views in one year.

My NEW ABCs of Bio Blunders YouTube video went live two weeks ago and has already invited 773 viewers.

The first video is more of a sales message.  The second version is very much a content message intended to help people help themselves with useful information to guide their bio writing success. Clearly, the second version is resonating far more than the first.

Are sales coming in? Absolutely!

What people are telling me is that they are enjoying the video, getting inspired by it, and making it a priority to call me to set up their Extreme Bio Makeover appointments and buy their own copy of Bye-Bye Boring Bio.

It’s wonderful when people well beyond your own backyard can come to know, like and trust you by watching less than 10 minutes of video.  And it’s certainly interesting to compare and contrast the two approaches — sales versus content — and experience which approach works best.

My video guru is Brad Tollefson of VLST Media. Get in touch to see how he can help you.  You can also view the video he created for me there.

Authentic Visibility Question of the Day:

What are YOUR experiences and results using video to share your message?  What has worked especially well?  Please share so we can all profit from the wisdom of your experience.