Here is a DIY Publicity Success Story from Rebecca Murray from Invisible Fence NW that will bring a grin, especially if you watch the accompanying video.

rebeccapmurray“Shortly after seeing Nancy in action for the first time at a business development conference near Seattle, I contacted her for PR guidance. During our phone session, I shared that Invisible Fence Northwest would be participating in a community event in the coming days and we were helping organize a sure-fire festival highlight: a Doggie Drag Costume Contest.  But I wondered how to publicize our company name in connection with the event to promote a connection with the Capitol Hill community. I planned on creating a video to document the event, and sharing it afterward, but where there other opportunities?   Within sixty-seconds Nancy found the Capitol Hill Times  online and directed me there. Nancy explained that smaller publications are notoriously short-staffed and often welcome assistance with copy and content. She told me to call the editor, find out if they will be covering the event, then offer my help.   The following day I did exactly that. The editor said she had only recently found out about the event and on such short notice had no one to cover it! She was thrilled that I would share my photos and then asked if I’d write and event summary.  The end result was not only publication of a photo and article, but byline credit for myself and Invisible Fence Northwest.  Thank you Nancy for giving me the direction and support to seize this amazing publicity opportunity.”

Watch the VideoRead the Article.

Thanks Rebecca.   Way to get into action to welcome visibility for your company.  And if you want the kind of help Rebecca received to create leveraged visibility that puts your company in the spotlight, consider a Build YOUR Buzz Strategy Session with me.  Great results await.