aoe-expert-logoOne of the benefits of getting known as an expert in your field is the doors that open for you to participate in expert panels and associations through which your knowledge can empower many more people in your own backyard and well beyond.   Not long ago, my DIY publicity expertise came to the attention of the founder of the Association for Online Entrepreneurs Brenda Rivas.  She invited me to serve as the online publicity expert for this online community, and I gladly accepted.

Read the press release that follows to learn more about this organization and its bold mission to empower online business success.  And, please join us at the Virtual Launch Party on January 19, 2010 at 5 p.m. (PST). You can learn even more about what AOE can offer to support your success and meet me and all the other experts.  Get all the call-in details at this link.

Authentic Visibility Question of the Day: What are your plans to get known as an expert in your field in 2010?   Can you write at least four articles for the media that matter for your message?  Can you speak to at least four professional groups as a workshop leader, keynote speaker, or expert panelist to share your message on a one-to-many basis?  Can you respond to media queries that offer timely and relevant opportunities to share your expertise with a much wider audience?   “Yes” is my favorite answer to these questions.  What I know to be true is that these efforts DO pay off.   It's just a matter of getting into action.


Contact: Brenda Rivas, 888-691-1114,

A new online empowerment community designed to help women start and grow profitable online businesses, now available at The Alliance of Online Entrepreneurs

(Miami, Florida – January 12, 2010) — “The Alliance of Online Entrepreneurs is a community that empowers women to embrace their knowledge, passion and desired lifestyle and leverage those elements into profitable online businesses,” said founder and online business development expert Brenda Rivas. “The AOE also goes beyond being a resourceful business community. We strongly believe that a woman with evolved mindsets is a woman of power and determination. Therefore, bringing women the resources to break through limiting beliefs is of equal importance at the AOE.”

The AOE boasts an attractive, high touch benefits package that includes access to twelve of the industries top experts. “As success stories in their own fields, the Alliance of Online Entrepreneurs Expert Panel is tapping into global reach and 24 hour access of the Internet to give women of every age and race the knowledge, tips, resources and tools to start and grow equity rich online businesses”. Rivas said.

“Members receive a copy of The Online Business Navigation Program. In this twelve CD program and accompanying guide, AOE Experts share best practices, and strategies to help you effectively navigate your business through the Internet.  The program focuses on the core areas of building and growing a profitable online business.”

In addition to the expertise of the leadership panel, members also have access to the Prosperity Mindset Suite which includes “Creating a Money Breakthrough”, a four part downloadable program. Members also enjoy monthly coaching and training sessions, virtual networking events, audio and ebook libraries, visibility and so much more!

“This community isn’t just about making more money. We want women to be able to achieve a work/life balance that includes financial security as a platform that allows them to manifest the life that they really want, “Rivas said. “I want women to imagine what their life would look like if it completely worked and create an online business as the vehicle to and make it happen”.

About the Alliance of Online Entrepreneurs:

More than just a membership community, the AOE places an emphasis on teaching its members to automate their businesses, create systems and leverage their knowledge into a profitable equity rich business while evolving their mindsets.  In addition, the AOE connects members with other energetic entrepreneurs with the purpose of creating profitable partnerships, and more!  For more information visit the AOE online at