NancyandSheryl== Wondering if you are ready for joint ventures in your business?ExpertPreneurCover2013

== Trying to decide if you are ready or not?

== Tune in and learn my best JV tips and truths for big paydays and lasting relationships in this podcast

Thank you Expert Elevation Host Sheryl Wolowyk for the opportunity to speak my truth.

Back Story:  Sheryl and I met on Facebook.  She reached out to invite me to contribute content to her magazine ExpertPreneur. And when her cover model wasn’t able to deliver in time, she asked me to stand in for the debut issue. We started a relationship. I referred her to a few luminaries who could add value to her magazine and podcast. And now we are friends, colleagues, and co-collaborators. 

This interview about joint ventures showcases a very big recent success story that I am still trying to take in, and the upside for me and so many others is potentially very profound.  It just goes to show that serving others first before asking for support for yourself can be a very fruitful approach to creating relationships, rapport, and results.  I’d love to hear your comments about the interview, so please post.