Meryl Streep I confess.  I've already seen “Julie and Julia” twice, and I'll no doubt buy the DVD as soon as it's available for sale.  I loved this movie. And, there are good lessons to be learned about life and business from this film.  Karen Rosenzweig, the Seattle Women and Business Examiner, wrote a sassy post about some of these lessons, and you can read her comments — and a few of mine — at this link.

With all this chatter about social networking, Twitter, blogging, and beyond, one big idea this movie brings home is that a story in the New York Times trumps 'em all!  There is nothing quite like a stack of newspapers you proudly carry up flights of stairs to show the family, frame for your office, and thank for all the wonderful new opportunities that recognition brings your way.

And, oh by the way, it's fun to get seen, heard, and celebrated in your own community newspaper, too.  This morning, the Bellevue Reporter landed on doorsteps throughout the neighborhood where I live with a great story about my company.   The phone has been ringing a lot today, and it's a beautiful thing.

You gotta love the power of publicity.  When will you jump in and see what it can do for you?