I have noticed in my conversations with lots of entrepreneurs that many are early in their process. They may not have enough clients or confidence or skills. And their need to create results feels urgent.

And the question I ask is this:  How much support they are welcoming?

Are they going it alone?

Are they willing to raise their hands to receive and apply good advice?

As Jack Canfield writes in his book, “The Success Principles” — Drop out of the Ain’t it Awful Club. Do it Right Now.

Some of my BEST friends and partners are gals I met in the first group mastermind I ever joined.

Surround yourself with those who lift you higher. That’s what Oprah says. And she is so right. It is a lot easier to succeed together than by going it alone.

And even if the buffet of training and tools being set before you by any of the experts and gurus you admire is way more than you have a prayer to consume today, ask yourself this question.

How much you CAN consume and apply to move forward to welcome the results you desire and celebrate them in the spirit of community?

Doing nothing isn’t an option. Going it alone is a lonely road.

Find the support that is best for you. And decide to take action today.

If it is JV Insider Circle, great!

If it is another program, perfect.

Just do something.

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