21694749-businessman-shelters-from-the-storm-of-crisisDo you ever think through your launch fears and envision THE OPPOSITE?

In the spirit of authentic visibility, I did that over the weekend, and I'll share my list.

One thing that occurs to me is that no matter where we are on the continuum to success, the things we fear and the results we crave are not much different.

I could be wrong, so chime in. Let me know if you have ever felt any of these launch fears and have additional ones to add to the list. Please share what you have done to turn those fears into realities to your advantage.

Launch Fears:

  • I suffer from “They love me but they do not buy from me” syndrome.
  • I disappoint my partners with low commissions and risk not welcoming their support going forward.
  • I say or do something that will offend my audience.
  • I reveal that I am an imposter and unworthy of big success.
  • I stay stuck in “learning how to do this” instead of gaining mastery and the benefit of reliable, repeatable success.
  • Being SO VISIBLE scares me. All the “Me, Me, Me” attention is just too much to take.
  • People will unsubscribe from my list.
  • What if I get all dressed up to go to the red carpet, and no one comes to my party?
  • What if sales tank?
  • What if technology fails?
  • What harm will come to my reputation if I go through all of this and results do not flow as expected?

Launch Realities:

  • “They love me AND they gladly invest in a timely, perfect solution in perfect numbers and perfect timing.
  • My partners welcome generous commissions and can’t wait to lend support for the next launch on my calendar.
  • I am of service in word and deed to make a difference for all who listen live or by replay.
  • I am THE EXPERT and worthy of big success.
  • I am gaining mastery of serving/selling by virtue of reliable, repeatable success.
  • Being SO VISIBLE in my area of expertise is of service to those who need my brand of brilliance right now.
  • The right people find my work and stay with me because we are a great match, and they happily refer their friends.
  • The perfect people in perfect quantities come to my event, and an even more perfect quantity of perfect people buy.11005100-a-female-runner-running-towards-a-finish-line-isolated-on-white
  • Sales are abundant and profitable.
  • Technology functions perfectly, and support is standing by to make quick corrections as needed.
  • My reputation is solid today and grows stronger with every webinar because I deliver on every promise and make it an EASY YES for the right people to say YES to journey forward with me as their guide.

Fears or realities? Which is going to be TRUE for you?

Based on all the books I read and mentors I follow, this I know for sure.  Where we put the focus is where the magic is.

My focus is on the realities I intend to make my own because False Expectations Appearing Real is not how I roll. 

How about you?