The article I wrote about the DIY Publicity Lessons from the Wizard of Oz is now posted to BizNik, and I’d be honored to welcome your reviews.  The reviews so far are very favorable and the message is certainly timely to inspire your New Year’s success.

This article is also posted to to make it easy for ezine publishers everywhere to include it to inspire their readers to DIY publicity success in the New Year.   You are welcome to share this article in your blog or ezine, provided it is shared in its entirely with the bio box intact.

Those among you who want to get known as experts in your field can start now by setting the intention to write and post at least four articles to online article directories in 2010.   Be generous with the guidance you share, and make it easy for readers to get in touch with you to learn more about how you can help them.  In short order, you’ll earn expert status and invite more of the right opportunities to be of contribution to the marketplace.   And, when you post at least five articles to Biznik that earn a rating of 8 or better, you’ll even earn your expert badge.    I’ve posted 12 since April of 2008.  What is your plan?  And what actions will you take?   The Yellow Brick Road to your success is just steps away.