Life Goes on Roadmap™ 2019

Tim McGraw’s song “Live Like You Were Dying” is an anthem for living well, starting right now That’s what a cancer diagnosis can do to a guy in his early 40’s.
What if you:
• Put adventures on your calendar that have been long delayed?
• Decided today to be the kind of friend, parent, and community contributor the world would want to celebrate?
• Spent one rainy day to get your act together before going skydiving, rocky mountain climbing, or going 2.7 seconds on a bull named Fumanchu?
Imagine the peace of mind that would bring to you and your family just in case something random and crazy happens during one of your upcoming and awesome adventures.
What a gift you give when you take actions NOW to make sure no one in your family laments the mess you left behind when life got out of control or you died by surprise.
It’s hard to think about and even easier to put off.
And it’s such a beautiful act of love and service to those you treasure most to get your act together now.
Life really does turn on a dime.
Don’t set your family up for conflict, hours of frustration, and costly time away from their jobs or businesses as they attempt to hunt for the keys to unlock and manage your life.
Make an appointment to get your act together, and let us guide you to get it done as we make it fun.
Life Goes on Roadmap™ is an affordable, powerful, playful system designed to transform the task of getting your crucial financial information organized into a game to win instead of a chore to put off until later.

Life Goes on Roadmap™ 2019
Join us for the live virtual get it done days coming up or get on board now to enjoy the convenient replays on a date that works for you.
While you listen to the soundtrack of your life, you’ll:
• Play ‘beat the clock’ to complete all 16 road stops;
• Have spontaneous dance parties to celebrate milestones along the way;
• Ignite powerful, long delayed conversations that draw you closer to those you love most; and
• Celebrate with virtual toasts of champagne as you become an “I’m Ready for Anything Road Tripper” who is ready for whatever life may serve up next.
Getting ahead of natural disasters, home burglaries, or any of the four D’s — disease, disability, divorce or death — before they become hardships is a gift you give yourself and everyone you love.
Your actions to get your act together now will make an important impact for your family that is priceless in value when the rubber meets the road … because it always does.
There is no denying it. And it is so much better to get in front of it.
You can join us enjoy the tools, resources, and accountability call replays at your convenience on a date that works for you.
Just claim a date to get this done and dialed from wherever you live, work and play around the world so it becomes the high priority that it is! If you prefer LIVE virtual training, these are our 2019 dates.
You can attend any and all of them.
  • Prep Call March 6 Get It Done Day March 9
  • Prep Call June 12 Get It Done Day June 15
  • Prep Call October 16 Get It Done Day October 19

We’ve guided hundreds of families to get this done, and they rave. Just check out what they say!

“Passion, knowledge and a genuine interest in achieving the best for clients is what makes a truly Nancy and Steve Juetten and their Life Goes On Roadmap stand out. They not only want to see their clients succeed but have a very personal vested interest. You can feel Nancy’s deep sense of understanding and compassion in every meticulous detail that went into this design. Nothing was left out or not thought of. As a divorce attorney, I see what happens first hand when the spouse who didn’t handle the finances is left trying to piece everything together during a traumatic time. If you want to take the uncertainty out of your future and feel a sense of ease and peace of mind, I highly recommend the Life Goes On Roadmap to anyone wanting to achieve better financial outcomes and be in control of your own destiny.”
Rebecca Zung, Esq.
CEO/Founder Breaking Free From Divorce, Inc.
Best Lawyers In America for 2018
“Do you think you’re prepared for an emergency? I thought I was too, until I completed the Life Goes On Roadmap. Thanks to Nancy and Steve Juetten and their “Get it Done, Make it Fun” approach, I was able to organize every bit of financial and personal information into one place that is now easily accessible to my husband and our family in the event of a tragedy.
Nancy and Steve have outdone themselves putting this program together! They have thought of EVERYTHING – account numbers, house operations, vehicle information, personal possessions, insurance information, credit cards, passwords… the list goes on and on! Take the Road Trip with Nancy and Steve and give your loved ones the best gift ever – peace of mind.”
Dr. Susan O’Malley
“Nancy and Steve are sincere in helping you to get motivated to organize your information for each other. This is truly a gift to each other. It will be a document that we will hopefully not use in a long time, but now we have it if something untimely happens and if we keep it updated, we will have it for the inevitable loss of one of us. And, we can also hand it down to our sons, when the last one of us dies so that they can care for us or settle our affairs in an easier way.”
Blair and Mary Lou Shean
“Just took a Life Goes On Roadmap Road Trip with Steve Juetten and Nancy Juetten! What a fantastic adventure with two pros that have put together an exceptional roadmap to be fully prepared as Life Goes On. If life took an unexpected turn, do you have a clear map and access to all that’s important for those you care about? I highly recommend you engage with this and share this with those you care about. Huge Thank You Nancy and Steve!!”

Dan Wingard


“Thank you for all the valuable information and for your follow up email. I truly appreciated having your plan in place for my personal future. My husband Brian and I have worked together and I believe all is in place: That which I need to know in case of his death. I have copies of all important paperwork, and Brian typed me up a “cheat sheet” including even the place in his office to find the key to his desk drawer where he keeps all personal info!

I feel I am totally “in the know” with our finances, both of our final wishes, and all tax and insurance dates and such.

Again thank you for putting together this valuable and very important information. I have forwarded it on to several friends and hope they take advantage of it.”



“Thank you for following up. My wife & I went through the material on a recent road trip. It was a positive conversation and useful guidance for much of our records inventory. We appreciate you sharing the document with us.”

Buck Harrison


“Thanks for putting the “Life Goes On Roadmap” checklist together and making it available. I am happy to report that, yes, we have taken steps to put our financial life in order. Using the checklists provided in the document is helpful and a great tool to use.”

Connie and Mike Russell


“I have been a CFP® — Certified Financial Planner — , for over 25 years and I have found ‘The Roadmap’ by Steve and Nancy Juetten to be the most comprehensive organizing tool that I have ever used. Everything is there, very simple to use,no need to set up a special appointment with your financial planner, fill it out on your own time and send it to whomever you work with regarding your particular financial situation . It gets one organizing your life and asking questions that are not always easy to answer.”

Christopher B. Price, CFP®
Insurance Professional


“The Life Goes on Roadmap made a boring task that I knew I should do fun and easy. It feels so empowering to have all of our critical information in one place. I feel like it is this great gift that we will leave our boys. They won’t have to search for anything because we now have even the nitty gritty smallest detail recorded.

Maureen Kures


Come on along, and get on board!

When You Do:

  • You’ll be in control and empowered to get on with the rest of your life, no matter what happens next.
  • You’ll get your financial information organized during a fun and empowering experience.
  • You’ll love joining with us in the celebration as you become a Life Goes on Road Tripper for the rest of your life who is ready for anything!

Just make sure to say YES now so you can welcome all these benefits sooner versus later!
The value of the training, tools, and getting this done with expert support for peace of mind, power, access, and control:

Click on the BLUE VAN to make your purchase and keep your hand gestures and mindset positive for the road ahead.

Life Goes on Roadmap™ 2019

$97 for the Digital Version

Life Goes on Roadmap™ 2019

$197 for the Physical Version

that Ships to Your Home

You get the digital version, too, that delivers to your inbox instantly!

Your flat fee for shipping and handling is based on your destination — US, Canada, or International.

Life Goes on Roadmap™ 2019

You get the digital version, too, that delivers to your inbox instantly!
Your flat fee for shipping and handling is based on your destination — US, Canada, or International.

Life Goes on Roadmap™ 2019

Action and Satisfaction Guarantee

  • We are 100% confident that after you employ the powerful personal financial organization tools and live virtual training, you will be ready to welcome whatever life dishes up next and remain empowered and in control around money matters. That’s why we invite you to invest wisely and invest your valuable time during the next Life Goes on Roadmap™ Virtual Road Trip so the journey can begin as soon as possible.

    No action. No refund. No exceptions.

    Let’s DO this!
    Nancy Juetten, Your Get It Done Accountability Guide
    Steve Juetten, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional
    P.S. The aftermath of whatever happens along the road of life will be a whole lot easier when you get your act together. That is a comfort when chaos, crime or worse hit close to home.