Congratulations for saying YES to getting your act together with Life Goes On Roadmap® as your tool of choice.

Here you’ll find links to the tools and resources you’ll need to prepare for a smooth and productive journey to getting your personal financial information organized so you have the power, access and control over the information and documents needed to drive life forward, no matter what happens tomorrow. This is a great gift you give yourself and those you love.

  • The Organizer is the heart of the system. This is the digital spreadsheet that makes it easy and efficient for you to enter, save, update, and share your crucial information with the family members or others who have a need to know. Choose the format that is compatible with your computer:  MAC or PC.

This tool offers step by step instructions for you to complete all 16 road stops successfully. Whether you speed through this experience to get it done in one day or take a more leisurely route, remember the key is to get it done and enjoy the ride.

Here’s the game board to help you get into an inspired mindset to reach your destination of power, access and control and keep procrastination at bay.

  • Here’s a link to your Ready Set Go Prep Call so you can pack wisely for the journey ahead. Listen a few days before you start so you can shop for necessary items. You’ll hear some inspiring music for a few moments about taking control over your destiny before Steve and I start speaking. Enjoy the message, fasten your seat belt, and keep your hand gestures and mindset positive as we get this party started!
  • Here are links to additional audio files to keep you revved up DURING your journey. You don’t have to do this alone because you have expert guides!

Call #1

Let’s get going — instructions for the first leg of your journey

Call #2

Let’s check in mid-way through your journey, answer frequently asked questions, and get instructions for a strong finish

Call #3

Let’s CELEBRATE what you learned, what you accomplished, and lay out next steps.

  • Here’s your  invitation to join us in our Life Goes on Road Trippers Client Only Facebook Group. Here you can meet other “I’m Ready for Anything Road Trippers,” ask and get answers to your questions, and receive periodic and inspiring reminders to finish the job you’ve started to welcome the peace of mind that comes from getting your act together.
  • Your mission — should you choose to accept it — is to get your personal financial documents and crucial financial information organized before anything random or crazy in life can stop you. Today is a great day to begin!


Steve Juetten, CFP®
Nancy Juetten, Your Get It Done Guide

P.S.    We sell Life Goes On Roadmap® to professional service providers and nonprofit organizations that see the value in sharing this information with their most valuable clients and important donors.  They benefit from preferred pricing for their quantity orders. It’s a way to deepen relationships, meet a need not yet met by current offerings, and invite referrals.  If you’d like to talk about this or have questions about your own Life Goes On Roadmap® experience, reach out to Nancy at 425 641 5214 or send email to  Thank you for helping us touch and transform lives with Life Goes On Roadmap® — most importantly YOURS!