If Facebook Advertising isn’t your lead generation tool of choice and strategic partnerships (or joint ventures) feel premature for your new offering, what can you do to build the buzz?

Try local publicity!

My husband and I each have mature businesses doing what we do.

This summer, we’ve been building the buzz for our newest initiative — Life Goes on Roadmap™.

Local Publicity Pays Off in "This Or Something Better" Kinds of Ways

Local publicity has been paying off for us. Last week, three sales came in for Life Goes on Roadmap™ as a direct result of local publicity. Two came as a result of reading a feature about us in Bellevue Club Reflections Magazine. One came as a result of reading a cover story about us in Somerset Neighbors magazine.

3 Ways PR Delivered Unexpected and Welcome Opportunities

Good publicity is one thing. And it’s the “this or something better” outcomes that can be the best outcomes of all.

Example #1

I met the most amazing woman at a live event last weekend who was inspired to make a purchase and also create a rather compelling video testimonial about the value of our offering.

The credibility of Sue Ferreria’s delivery is very persuasive, and plenty of comments are already posted from viewers who are speaking up about how a product such as ours is so deeply needed by so many. Watch and post a comment if you are so inspired.

Local Publicity Pays Off in "This Or Something Better" Kinds of Ways

Example #2

I was a guest on The Money Hour radio show with Tina Mitchell and Keelan Harvey last week. I’ll share the link to the rebroadcast in a few days as I had quite a few sassy sound bites to share.

Local Publicity Pays Off in "This Or Something Better" Kinds of Ways

My favorite: “Without this GPS, you could be SOL.”

While networking with the hosts and two other guests in the studio, one of the hosts mentioned he knows people in high places at an organization that would likely be interested in Life Goes on Roadmap™. He offered to follow up with me this coming week with an introduction.

You never know what magic can unfold while waiting for your turn to take the microphone. Be open to those kinds of magic moments of opportunity.

Example #3

3) Friday, my husband Steve and I delivered a practice management case study by webinar about Steve’s firm, while also weaving in a mention about our done for you licensing opportunity for Life Goes on Roadmap™ to the members of the Garrett Planning Network. This invitation came after the founder, Sheryl Garrett, endorsed Life Goes on Roadmap™ after reviewing it per our request.

(We’ve been aiming high, right out of the gate.)

Garrett Planning Network is a professional organization comprised of 250+ fee only CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professionals.

The members are now are considering how Life Goes on Roadmap™ can support them in serving their clients more deeply, filling a gap in their serving offerings that can help them make more money, and setting themselves apart from other advisors who don’t offer this benefit.

Yesterday I was invited to attend a women-only networking event where I’ll get to connect in person with decision makers who may find our system to be a good fit to support their client service and growth goals. This invitation would not have come my way if we had not been invited to deliver that webinar.

Several financial planners have already reached out to learn more about how they can participate as licensees of our system.

If this interests you, we have a link to visit that shares more about that.

A Request

We believe we have a message that needs to be heard and seen by millions, and we’ve only just begun to make our best impact.

That’s why local and national publicity opportunities are a priority for us.

We are looking for all the “this or something better” outcomes that publicity provides.

I’m doing my share of reaching out to the right people. My arms are wide open to hear from those who find our message about financial empowerment for couples to be timely and of service.

If you host a podcast, radio show, TV show or want to invite me to do a Facebook Live interview about the needs Life Goes on Roadmap™ meets and why it matters, I’d love to hear from you.

Just send me an email at nancy@lifegoesonroadmap.com with “media interview request” in the subject line, and I’ll gladly reply.

Inspiration for YOU!

Local Publicity Pays Off in "This Or Something Better" Kinds of Ways

If you have a new initiative that needs wings to fly, I D.A.R.E, you to go for it.

Decide what you want to achieve.

Ask for what you want, apply yourself, while always aiming high.

Resist the temptation to quit.

Execute — because nothing happens without inspired, imperfect action.