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Do-It-Yourself Publicity Success System

  • Imagine the media in your own backyard and beyond paying attention to YOU and YOUR BUSINESS.
  • How much easier would it be for you to attract perfect clients to do business with you?
  • And what kind of impact could that have for the growth, prosperity, and profitability of your business?

In these challenging economic times, the smart play is to learn the skills you need to know to earn the widespread media attention you seek. Then, you’ll always hold the power to earn an ongoing pattern of favorable, free publicity to keep your business in the media spotlight forever.

Wouldn’t it be perfect to learn these lessons from an expert — someone just like you — who has transitioned from unknown to well-known by successfully following her own advice?

“I’ve Been There, Done That, and Want to Show You How You Can, Too”

Today, a quick “Google” search of my name returns abundant results that reinforce my expertise as a PR diva, a DIY publicity maven, an award-winning publicist, and more. Since launching my boutique PR agency and training/tools company in 2001, I’ve helped major business players such as NFL Football Great and Commercial Real Estate Mogul Roger Staubach, Fran “America’s Finest Chocolatier” Bigelow of Fran’s Chocolates Ltd., Olympic Gold Medalist and Skating Champion Scott Hamilton, and HGTV Award-Winning Interior Designer Vern Yip get seen, heard, and celebrated in the local and national media.

I’ve also helped coaches, soul engineers, professional organizers, interior designers, authors, experts, solopreneurs, retailers, and consultants earn expert status in the media that matter most for their messages. That has been the most satisfying work of my career.

Why, you might ask?

“It’s one thing to make a really famous successful person look bigger. It’s even better to help regular people to achieve the recognition that can make the difference between surviving and THRIVING.”

Nothing makes me happier than to teach you how to make this magic happen on a do-it-yourself basis. Then, you’ll never be hungry for publicity again because you’ll know how to fish for the rest of your life.

Besides, who can afford to spend big time on outside service providers when profit dollars are in short supply? The timing to roll up your sleeves to learn empowering skills that can serve your business for its lifetime could not be more perfect than it is today.

“I am fiercely committed to showing you the system I’ve used to make world-class clients look big in the media and grow my own expert status, every step of the way.”

Here is what I know to be true, based on years of experience. Expert status – online and within the traditional media — is well within your reach, provided you are consistent, tenacious and passionate about sharing your message with the audiences that are right for your message.

“My Story: From Desperate Housewife to PR Diva to Trusted Guide to Support Others’ Success”

I started my company in 2001 with a desire so simple, it might surprise you. I wanted to earn enough money as a PR consultant to buy better groceries. In short order, I was so busy that I was too busy to cook and scarcely had enough time to sleep. In April of 2006, I decided once and for all to get officially known as an expert in my field. However, when I did a “Google” search of my name, the search returned an embarrassing result.

The big news for my reputation at that time was that I ran 10K races very slowly. The big vision in my head was not alive in the world. That was my wake-up call. Action was my next step. And I took plenty of steps – one at a time, one after the other to earn expert status and prosperity along the way.

In July of 2008, my husband and I bought our dream home in Bellevue, WA. The expansive views from our deck are beautiful and far reaching. I enjoy them daily as I do work I love and supports the blossoming and escalating success of those who follow the same proven DIY publicity system I have used to earn my own success.


(View of my Bellevue, WA backyard from the sunroom in my home.)

What steps did I take over a little over two years? There were many.

“These are the same steps you’ll take, one deliberate step at a time with the helpful guidance of your DIY Publicity Success System.”

– Write a rock-star bio – Get a great photo taken – Craft a winning elevator speech – Launch both a website and a blog – Figure out your claim to fame and what is newsworthy and interesting about it – Craft story hooks and prioritize ideal media outlets – Prepare and share your message – Become a published author – Apply media training tips to your advantage – Leverage good news with an online press kit and more – Write dozens of articles for the media – Earn a column in the local business journals or online venue – Launch and sustain a quality ezine – Enter awards contests and win – Take your show on the road on online via teleseminars, webinars, radio interviews, and your own “live” events

“All my time-tested and proven systems and approaches — including the essential and nitty-gritty “how-to” details and resources – are showcased in engaging audio and print materials to make it easy for any expert, author, consultant, or speaker to achieve the same or even better results and enjoy success in the process.”

“Check Out These Media Placement Successes from Real Business Owners Just Like You”

Here are just a few of the stunning, decisive DIY publicity success stories from business owners just like you who have applied the lessons within the DIY Publicity Success System to their advantage. Their successes represent the tip-of-the-iceberg of DIY publicity possibilities awaiting for you when you get into inspired action today:

Todd Martini – Alex’s Coupons – Good Morning America


Debbie Whitlock – Sound Financial Partners – – TWICE!


Bill Stainton – Beatles Expert and Speaker – Ovation Consulting Village Voice and Advertising Age


Betsy Talbot – Blogger at Redbook and First for Women


Craig Sigl – Sports Hypnosis West Evening Magazine and Seattle Post-Intelligencer


Annie Cheng – Marketing Specialist for a Netstar Inc. – Fox 13 TV News, NBC Nightly News, and the Puget Sound Business Journal


Paul Anderson – Prolango Consulting – The Seattle Times, Wall Street Journal, Business Week


Laura Liest – Eliminate Chaos – Puget Sound Business Journal


Do You Want What They are Having?

“Now you can! Treat yourself to the DIY Publicity Success System today.”

When you do:

  • You’ll hear from me and my colleague Susan Harrow, founder of, as you learn the nitty-gritty details and how-to essentials of earning media attention and getting your sound bites ready for Oprah and the media in your own backyard.
  • You’ll hear from me as I share my favorite DIY publicity resources, stunning, decisive success stories from business owners just like you, and engaging examples to inspire you into powerful, productive action.
  • All told, you’ll benefit from over 100 minutes of quality, actionable content to guide your journey to DIY publicity success.
  • You’ll be equipped to write a rock star bio for every application — your website, your blog, your book jacket, your speaker page, your speaker introduction, and more, thanks to the able guidance of your 143-page updated, revised and expanded second edition of the Bye-Bye Boring Bio program
  • You’ll be able to write winning press releases, pitch letters, meeting notices, and more, thanks to the step-by-step guidance and abundant examples in your 60-page Authentic Visibility Publicity Workbook
  • You’ll learn 147 powerful ways to build business and boost profits from the power of free publicity, thanks to the Authentic Visibility Publicity Tips Booklets, and you’ll save time and benefit from the quality resources noted in the back of each booklet.
  • You’ll learn a time-tested and proven way to pitch an article the media can’t resist so you can become a published author in the print media that matter most for your message.
  • Look at everything that is included in your DIY Publicity Success System:

Do-It-Yourself Publicity Success System


And, everything is packaged into a beautiful, seven-pocket organizer (choose from pink or chocolate brown!) you can take with you when you are on-the-go or savor in the comforts of your own home or office. The information within will support your DIY publicity efforts for the successful, long life of your thriving business. You can share the materials with your marketing intern, virtual assistant, and other team members who share your desire to earn media attention for your company’s winning ways. These materials become part of your business success library forever.

Treat yourself to the DIY Publicity Success System.

  • With your purchase today, you’ll be equipped and prepared to get seen, heard, and celebrated in the media in your own backyard and beyond.
  • You’ll be able to share your bio in a variety of formats to meet media requirements in fun, memorable, and magnetic ways with speed, ease, and impact.
  • Most importantly, you will no longer be a well-kept secret, provided you act on what you learn.

If there is a doubt in your mind about saying “YES” to this proven system, consider this:

  • What is it costing you in lost business opportunities doing things in the same old ways without the leverage and impact of media visibility?
  • Isn’t it time for a better, systematic, sustainable way to earn the media recognition and business success you seek?

“Yes! Nancy. I can’t wait to dig into my new DIY Publicity System so I can achieve media recognition, attract quality leads, and get known for my expert status now. I can’t wait to feel great knowing that I created decisive, stunning media results for my business on a do-it-yourself basis.”

I want to tell my story to invite the right consulting and media opportunities so I can shortcut my path to financial and personal success as soon as possible.

Treat yourself to the DIY Publicity Success System. You’ll be glad that you did. I guarantee it, or your money back.

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