Did you see the movie “Julie and Julia?”   I love this movie for so many reasons.

One of the scenes that stands out for me is the conversation that takes place during the “ritual cobb salad lunch” with friends.    Julie’s friend asks her for an interview to be part of a magazine feature, and then she then laments how challenging it will be for her to schedule the interview with Julie.   Julie has to remind her that SHE was requesting the interview.  It was a rather off putting scenario.

I am of the mind that both parties should feel great about the interview opportunity and do their part to make getting together as easy as possible.

That said, I was happy to be interviewed by Paul Anderson, columnist for NW Jobs within the Seattle Times in connection with my bio writing expertise.   In fact, I initiated contact with him to explore how my expertise could add value for his readers and was delighted to have enlisted his interest.

As the year was coming fast to a close, scheduling a telephone interview could have been challenging.  To make things easy, I suggested that we do the interview by email.  He could send me the questions he most wanted me to address, and I would respond right away by return email.  That was a welcome suggestion that delivered a quality outcome for all.

Make it easy for reporters to interview you, express appreciation to those who do, and watch what happens in your business as awareness of the value you bring grows.