Now, more than ever, it’s timely and efficient to make the most of every move you make to deliver your message far and wide with your DIY publicity effort.  That’s why it’s essential to re-purpose your content and ideas in at least five ways.  For example:

If you write a blog post on a topic, turn it into an article to post at or Ezine

Apply the content or ideas for your next workshop, radio interview, or presentation.

Create an information product, a tips sheet that can serve as an immediate digital download to reward  people who sign up for your e-newsletter, or a handout when you call on a potential client.

Offer the ideas in reply to a media query from Help a Reporter Out or PR Leads.

Issue a press release to deliver the latest news to a much wider audience.

Frame the content into a story pitch to a reporter at a local business journal or television magazine show to serve as the foundation of a useful, timely, and relevant feature.

This really works.  Three years ago, I wrote an article about the most important lessons I learned during my first five years running my business.  That article ran in a Puget Sound area trade publication called Marketing.  Days after the article was published, I got a call from Paul Casey.  Paul had a radio show on KKNW Alternative Talk Radio called Small Business Innovators — and he still does.   He said he liked my article and invited me to do an interview on his show.   That lead to an on-air opportunity to promote my next speaking engagement at the North Seattle Community College Network Breakfast.   That event was well attended, and the people who showed up have been a steady source of new clients, referrals, and other support for my business.  Some time later, I asked Paul if I could contribute a publicity tip of the week to his show, and he said “Yes!”  That led to a number of radio shows that have lived on happily in re-runs.

Now, my business will celebrate its 8th anniversary in February, and I am still consistently re-purposing ideas in multiple ways to serve you and advance the DIY publicity message.   Video, blogging, micro-blogging, and social networking are part of the media mix, and new elements will come into play as the communications and media landscape continues to change.

How can you make the most of every move you make to advance your DIY publicity success?   One good thing typically leads to another, and that is a beautiful thing.