Media-Savvy-to-Go Workbook

Media-Savvy-to-Go Workbook

With this easy-to-use and resource-rich Workbook at hand, business owners and professionals with a strong “do-it-yourself” bias can take their learning to a higher level and make the most of their media relations efforts. Benefit from media relations worksheets and articles to help make the most of every initiative. Strengthen your story pitches and press releases by using the examples in this Workbook as a guide. Learn about valuable Web links and useful resources to you take your story far and wide.

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Here is what people are saying about the Authentic Visibility Workbook:

"We read a lot of ebooks. Every once in a while, we say, "Okay, this is great. This is one we can share in newsletter." In fact, this might be the first one we’ve recommended.

The Media-Savvy-To-Go-Workbook is an ebook by Nancy Juetten. A while back gave this comprehensive workbook to an associate, and am thinking that I too could be well served by going through it.

As the Gift List Media media kit is getting a face lift for an an online debut and a new pitching season is upon us, it is time to take a fresh look at all that we know about our business, our customers and ways to garner new publicity.

This is such an overwhelming task that few take the time to think through every logical step and ask themselves some hard questions.

Don’t fear the process. Let Nancy Juetten’s workbook walk you through this creative journey.

You’ll actually get your story down on paper. Not as easy as it sounds.

She gives you a 21 point task list for getting your website up to snuff.

Do you know what an elevator speech is? You will, and you’ll have one ready.

You’ll answer some important questions about developing story hooks for your product.

As well as some great examples of well written press releases, pitch letters and much more.

She has a few different products and they are all very reasonably priced. The workbook is under $60. Let me know what you think about it.."


"Nancy Juetten is a marketing genius. Her passion for supporting and promoting business owners and helping them tell their stories shines through every word. Nancy has packed her most powerful PR secret weapons into one easy-to-read, step by step e-toolkit. Authentic Visibility is a must-have for every small business owner."

Amanda Murphy
Co-author of the bestseller Create the Business Breakthrough You Want – Secrets and Strategies from the World’s Greatest Mentors

“It is with pleasure that I recommend Nancy Juetten’s Authentic Visibility Workbook. It’s little wonder she has such a great reputation in the business community. It is well written, organized and presents just the right balance of information, workbook exercises and examples to keep you intrigued all the way through. And, although I am starting a new business, I currently have a successful practice, and I still found many great and practical ideas which will be indispensable in both of my ventures.”

Dr. Shelley Cathrea, CCSP, CSCS
Chiropractic Physician

“This Workbook educates, equips and inspires businesses to use the power of the media. It is easy-to-use and something that I would recommend to any of my customers to help build their businesses.”

Stuart Linscott
Vice President
Charter Bank

“I just read Nancy Juetten’s work, Authentic Visibility, and am newly equipped with so many ready-to-implement ideas for my clients and my own business. When colleagues in my circles talk about public relations experts, Nancy’s name inevitably comes up. For good reason: Nancy achieves the kind of success most of us dream of, and her clients benefit from Nancy’s desire to truly understand their business and then craft a story that magically meets the needs of the media that day. “

Lauri Jordana
Conexión Marketing – Seattle

“I completed reading your Workbook and found it very thorough and — as expected — well put together. I think you have wonderful tool that should be of interest to all small and midsized business owners. Well done and good luck to you.”

Bryan Kettel, CFP

“I really enjoyed the info in your book. I think it is a great toolkit for the company on a budget and is very ‘common sense.’ It gives someone the process and approach. Obviously, they have to implement it, and — as with most small businesses — they won’t be able to follow through. It will provide an opportunity for you to provide assistance for those growing companies that don’t have the resources for implementation. They will come to understand the value of your services. Nice job.”

Chris Falco
Chris M. Falco, CPA, CBI
Falco Sult & Company, PS

"I very much like the writing style of Authentic Visibility Workbook. It flows well, is conversational, and is knowledgeable and sincere. Nancy is a passionate master of her craft and truly cares for her clients’ well being.”

Ralph Fascitelli
Founder and Former CEO
Imagio/JWT Advertising and Public Relations

“Thank you again for the opportunity to review your Workbook. I think its content will prove to be very useful for businesses trying to develop some ‘buzz’ and grow their clientele. As a member of the news media, I especially appreciated the following advice you offer:

1. Pitching stories with a focus on timely, newsworthy, relevant and local elements. For those businesses wanting to get some ink in a trend story or to offer a column, I think it i
s very important that they remember not to make their company "the star," as you put it. That’s what ads are for, and an editor will likely put the kibosh on any ‘news story’ that comes across as an advertorial.

2. Thank you for your advice regarding the LAQ "lame ass quote." This should apply not only to interviews, but also to news releases. When a company is hiring personnel, acquiring another business or opening a new store, a news release is a great way to get the ball rolling in terms of a story or even a short brief, but quotes about ‘how happy’ the executive is to have hired someone or ‘how thrilled’ they are to be celebrating a grand opening isn’t going to help the cause. Any quote in a news release should further the story and add depth. It is THE opportunity for a business owner to craft his or her own quote.

3. Your advice regarding the editorial calendar is spot-on. Business owners and professionals are experts in their field, and they do have information to offer. If half of the business community took the time to research the editorial calendars of their media outlets of choice, I’m sure they would find topics they could contribute to. I’d suggest that they think about contacting the media in a timely manner with their story idea so that they have a better chance of getting it in print/on the air.”

Kimberly Hilden
Assistant Editor
Snohomish County Business Journal