Here is a expert with a remarkable and compelling mission and a story to go with it. Sofie’s story rose to among the top of the stack created by graduates of the Worldwide Virtual Get Your Story Done Workshop from July 17. 

Right away, you know what she does and if you need it so you file, find, and refer her. I think that’s right on the money.  If you’d like to benefit from the workshop replay and all the step-by-step materials to guide you to your best story, you can.  Click here to learn more.

Transforming Injuries and Wounds into Strengths and Gifts Since 1997


As a result of  Cult Recovery Expert and Trauma Transformation Mentor Sofie Pirkle’s healing work, ambitiously conscious people who feel like they are stopping short of their full and brilliant potential let go of the baggage they didn’t even know they were carrying. They reclaim powerful parts of themselves they didn’t even know they lost, relieve physical and emotional pain, and create lives that they actually want. 

Born and raised in a cult, having the courage to escape, heal the soul, and make her true impact, Sofie has a unique knack for working with those who have come from controlling families, abusive relationships, high demand groups  — especially cults.

A Bad Ass Bodywork professional since 1997 and professional choreographer and 3rd degree black belt, Sofie is in her true brilliance when she is working with those who use their bodies for their passions and professions. Sofie understands firsthand how hidden traumas can leak into our lives, creating emotional and physical symptoms ranging from mildly irritating to debilitating.

Sofie’s coaching and body-oriented healing work empowers these nearly-in-their potential people to reduce physical and emotional pain, reclaim and step into their true identity, commit to show up for themselves and their work, and trust and act on their deep inner wisdom to make the right decisions to live the lives they truly want.

Whether it’s through reading her books, learning with her home study programs, participating in her workshops, or working privately with her, Sofie’s courageous devotion to your healing journey will touch your heart and heal your soul. Find her at