SaraGrammWolfe “Working as a death doula is fun; I get to talk straight and honestly about a subject that is largely not talked about. And I get to work with amazing people who — when given a chance — will ask those burning questions, like … ‘Can I be buried in my back yard?’ ”

Death Doula Sarah Gramm Wolf is in dedicated service to death; she believes that dying is participatory, just as life is.

She is fiercely committed to guiding or coaching individuals who are dying, similar to the way a birth doula coaches a woman in labor.  She helps families validate their feelings, usually held in check by cultural taboos and guides them to restoring natural, after-death care in a family-directed approach.  And, she provides families with an understanding of the inner dynamics of leaving the physical body at death so they can be at peace with their loved one’s last breath.

By working with Sarah, you can be assured that she will be there through the moments of deep, wrenching pain, through the confusion and chaos that can come up when someone is dying, to the assurance that her skills have been honed through a lifetime of observing nature use everything; that death is required to sustain new life. This pattern is reflected in her understanding that bodily remains need to be given back in such a way as to benefit new life.

Her photo series “Biofeedback” was created collaboratively with artist Ariel Kaplan as encouragement to take a look at the everyday deaths in nature. It was their hope that this series of photographs would provide a point of focus, a starting point, in examining our own ideas and beliefs surrounding death.

With years of serving individuals in hospice and pastoral care settings and a major trauma hospital as a chaplain, Sarah was able to bring a sense of peace to those families, individuals, and staff who sought her out. For her exceptional ability to help a large family in their loss, she was awarded Most Valuable Player commendation. At the request of the cancer floor nurses, she published, for distribution within the hospital, “Taking your Spiritual Pulse: Spiritual Reflections during a Hospital Stay.”

And, for her years of dedicated service, life experiences, and continuing education, Sarah was commissioned as a clergy. Thus, she brings with her the sensitivity to differing faith traditions and the ability to create ritual and ceremony to celebrate a life.

Contact: Sarah Gramm Wolf, M. Ed., Death Doula & Educator


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