Here is another “after” story to attract clients created by Laura Keiles, ND, CNHP as a result of the recent Worldwide VIRTUAL Get Your Client Attracting Story Done Workshop.  

Just by reading the first two lines of her text, I wanted to read more.  And so I did, and I loved what I read and the passionate, skilled professional I came to know by reading her words. 

Truth be told, I do not know what CNHP stands for, and would love for that to be spelled out.   And the narrative is a bit long. I would like to know where she studied and when she graduated. I am not so sure that offering a discounted rate right out of the box would be my recommendation.  I'd love to know how many patients have welcomed the results she is suggesting to give me even more confidence that she is the right expert to bring about the solution.  The power of proof is a powerful thing.  It could be that she is early in her career and doesn't yet have hundreds of success stories, and that is OK.  We all bloom where we are planted, and I have a feeling that a lot of good things are still sprouting for this Naturopath.

Those comments aside, it is good reading and authentic expression.  If I suffered from the ailments she describes, I can absolutely see the benefit of giving her a call and exploring how she could help me.

  • We know what she does, the benefit that awaits and why it matters.
  • She has created a memorable “handle” for her expertise  — Your Holistic Drain Cleaner
  • Her journey to this work is deeply personal, so it is easy to get to know-like-trust with every word.
  • There is a call to action so you know what next step she wants the reader to take: make an appointment.

So, with those comments, what are YOUR thoughts about this story?  Please share.   And if what this Holisitic Drain  Cleaner provides is what you or someone you know needs, by all means, get in touch with Laura Keiles.

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Laura Keiles, ND, CNHP – Your Holistic Drain Cleaner

 “I facilitate your individual ability to clear the clogs in your digestive health drain.”

People call me the cleaner: the natural holistic plumber. Your digestive system is the primary plumbing of your health. If your health issues have you blocked, sluggish and feeling at the end of your rope, as I had been, you need the best formula to clear those pipes. These clogs in the drain show up as autoimmune challenges, inflammatory conditions, and neurological issues. Healthy pipes lead to healthy functioning of the body.

LauraKeiles ND, CNHP

I used to perform minor surgeries on my dolls, or so that is what I called it when their split seams were being repaired. When it came to school, I loved to know the why, to be able to explain and apply, especially in science and computer classes. Everyone thought I should be a doctor, dentist or programmer. However, those roles seemed so confining to me back then. I loved geology – rocks – the intricacies and integrative processes that take sand to crystal or stone and wrote computer programs to explain them. In college where I continued that trend, you could always find me going back to health functions of living in a vegetarian cooperative or studying with the athletic trainers.

It got easy to be derailed from my healthy path of living while making other companies to become better and financially healthier at the cost of my own needs. Seven years ago, at the end of my health rope, a Naturopath dragged me back on a lifeline. He inspired me to return to school to become a Naturopath and prevent others from suffering as I had with postpartum depression and other digestive challenges.

Three years later, I realized my most sincere and aggressive personal health reforms were not paying off due to autoimmune and food allergies/intolerances. Research into how to address and reverse them in my life prompted me to develop the protocol that helps others today. The protocol uses my internationally published reference Foodergies! Eat Right with Food Families as the foundation for your plumbing transformation.

People who have not been helped with traditional western medicine have significant results early in their recovery process working with me. Identification of those Foodergies in your diet and eliminating them is a big step forward in your digestive health. This easy-to-follow protocol earns me the enduring respect and admiration of my clients and their family members.

Together we identify your own Holistic Plumbing Protocol supported by enzymatic, nutritional and educational steps. Like Dr. Xavier of the X-Men, we get inside your mind and help you see things differently, and approach your new healthy “clean-plumbing” lifestyle with an inspired attitude. Targeted small efforts, like a pebble cast into the pond, will result in tsunamis on the shore of your health. You ready to clean up? So let's work together and create your ultimate drain cleaner path, and get back to healthy living.

My forthcoming books – KISS your way to Health: Keep it Simple Stupid (and Structured) and Practicing Health: Daily Inspirations for the Journey will be available early 2014. Sign up at for pre-release excerpts from these upcoming publications; follow me on Twitter @LauraKeilesND and like Keiles Wellness Care on Facebook.

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