dan janalIf you missed the teleseminar about making the most of your press releases, don't dismay.  Here is the link to the audio file so you can listen in and benefit from the timely and timeless information and the fabulous offers to go with it.  Special thanks to Dan Janal of PR Leads for inviting me to serve as his expert guest, and thanks to the 250 or more people who signed up for the call.  Dan tells me this is among the best attended teleseminars he's hosted in a long time.  That that suggests this topic is especially timely and relevant for those of you out there who are hungry to earn do-it-yourself publicity success in today's digital age.   This is good stuff, so share this link with your publicity seeking business owner friends, professional groups that can benefit, and others who are just now pondering their escape from cubicle nation to launch businesses of their own.  This audio file is packed with tips, tools, resources, and time-tested approaches to engage to earn more publicity success with greater ease.  Listen in and let me know how this audio file empowers you!  I can't wait to hear your comments.