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Nancy Juetten Spills the Beans About How She Monetized Her Expertise So You Can, Too.

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I'm Nancy Juetten. Since 2009, I've learned a lot as I've transformed my fee-for-service publicity agency into an online visibility training and tools company that serves clients around the world. It's a journey that is not for the faint of heart. I've made plenty of mistakes. I've learned a host of new skills. And, I have welcomed some strong good results in my business and my bank account by learning how to monetize my expertise. This gives me pause for both amazing gratitude and great relief. Unlike those gurus you read about online who seem bigger than life and almost too amazing to be believed, I am a gal from your own backyard who has done it. Did I grow my ezine list from 185 people to just under 13,000 and growing?  Yes. And, while this result isn't nearly as remarkable as what some of those internet gurus boast about, I can tell you that my income has grown as my list has grown, and that is the big idea here.

My Clients and Colleagues Call Me “the Real Thing.” This is the Highest Compliment.

Sharing with you the journey I've traveled to transform my business in a very demanding economy is a bold and scary step toward walking my own “authentic visibility” talk. I've never really spoken about the ups and downs I've experienced in the way I'll be talk about them during this teleseminar. For those of you who want to create information products, earn money while you sleep, speak before big audiences, do media interviews, and teach group programs to people around the world while wearing your pajamas, you will find what I have to share both revealing and helpful in guiding you to decide the next best steps you can take to take your own business in new, profitable, and leveraged directions.

Who Can Benefit Most:

  • Speakers, consultants, authors, and mission-driven professional service providers who are serious about establishing and growing their expert status, influence, and income and are hungry to take action to Get Known to Get Paid.™

What is In It for You:

  • How you use your bio, pitch a story to the media, share a message by press release, or showcase your talent as a speaker can make a big impact on how much money you earn, the visibility you enjoy, and the quality and quantity of opportunities on your calendar.
  • Get inspired to take action to prepare and share YOUR story to BROADCAST YOUR BRILLIANCE so you can gain more control over your economic destiny, grow your expert status, attract clients, and more.
  • Accelerate your own progress by learning from my lessons learned and never before shared that speak the truth about how I transformed my business from a fee-for-service publicity agency serving clients exclusively in the Puget Sound region to an internet-based company that serves clients around the world. If you've been curious about how to do this, I will tell you how I did it so you can, too.
  • Step forward with at least five actionable ideas you can put into practice to broadcast your brilliance and monetize your message, starting today.

Your Host and Guide:

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Nancy Juetten is a word wizard, engaging workshop leader, and Bye-Bye Boring Bio author on a quest to guide mission-driven experts to spell out their greatness and broadcast their brilliance through the power of storytelling and publicity. Whether clients seek to attract clients, speaking gigs, or media attention, they learn to welcome those results by acting on Nancy's road-tested and proven advice to tell stories all their own. Best of all, they broadcast their brilliance with confidence, readiness, and ease so the right people can celebrate, invest, and benefit. Nancy doesn't just dole out this advice. She walks her own talk. In 2010, she was interviewed 50+ times by media in her own backyard and beyond in connection with the debut of her book — Bye-Bye Boring Bio. She was also recognized among the Top 100 Home-Based Businesses by Start Up Nation. Today she is well known for being the “go to” person for helping people transform their boring bios from wallpaper to wow to attract clients now.

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