Get Known to Get Paid™ Monthly Membership Retreats with Nancy Juetten

Attention: Authors, Speakers, Coaches, Consultants and Content Experts

Are you ready to get known to get paid?

What if you had intimate access to a juicy combination of strategic focus, staying the course, practical skills, safety to give, take, and share,and continuity over a meaty window of time?

Imagine you are a VIP member of a select group of committed members who feel the excitement and fear of entrepreneurship and want to push through both together to make magic happen in their lives and businesses…

How much more would you love your business if you could grow it in the safe container of an intimate success community and have a way to escape the isolation of going it alone?

The structure, accountability and resources waiting for you can guide you powerfully forward to make your big mission grow and make even bigger impact in your business.

This is exactly the small, intimate, connected IN PERSON COMMUNITY I intend to build for 2015.

My vision is to invite and deeply connect with and lead 10 committed, successful business owners at my lovely Bellevue, WA home as a membership community. Together we can give and receive practical and inspired guidance on how to Get Known to Get Paid™ so we all advance and support each other to achieve BIG success.

How does that sound to You?

During Each Monthly Retreat, We’ll Go Deep on a Topic of Interest to the Group Based on Survey Results that Light Our Inspired Action.

Possible Topics Include How to:

  • Grow and Profit from Your List (Your list is the key to building your business. Stop wasting your time constantly marketing to the wrong people. Get your information in front of your list … these are the people who are already interested in hearing more from YOU.)
  • Approach Joint Venture Partners to Achieve Win-Win-Win Outcomes. (There is a “secret sauce” to contacting the right people and building relationships)
  • Use Teleseminars and Webinars to Grow Your Impact and Influence (This is one the the best ways to grow your list and get known. I have the experience and track record to do this successfully.)
  • Make Your Information Products Pay Off (because who wants to spend all that time and effort to create a product that doesn’t move or doesn’t bring you the money you deserve.)
  • Get Booked as a Speaker. (Stop the one-to-one talks and start reaching out to many people at one time with your signature talk.)
  • Brainstorm Story Hooks, Elevator Pitches, Signature Talk Titles, and Publicity Ideas to Bring Your Expertise into the Spotlight. (You can say goodbye to boring and hello to compelling.)
  • Boost Confidence and Improve Mindset
  • The sky is the limit as we nurture and support every member to achieve her highest goals.

Are you leaning in and excited to play?  

This isn’t for everyone.  It is for a business owner already welcoming a measure of REAL success in her business who is serious about growing her skills, confidence, reach, and impact to make an even bigger difference.

Yes! I am Ready to Get Known to Get Paid™

with 6 Intimate VIP Retreats at Nancy’s Beautiful Bellevue Home

January – June, 2015

Second Wednesday of Every Month — 9 – noon PST

10 VIP spots open for serious action takers craving community, connection, and coaching in an intimate in-home setting every month.

Nancy’s Bellevue, WA Home

Your Get Known to Get Paid™ Participant Credo:

“I promise to show up, be present, and move forward as an active participant in this monthly IN PERSON membership community focused on supporting my quest to Get Known to Get Paid.”

Your Action on What You Learn Guarantees Your Satisfaction.

When you act on the information shared during each monthly retreat created in support of the needs of every invested and committed member, you will be well equipped to start or continue along your journey to Get Known to Get Paid with confidence, clarity, and conviction.

Your Wise Investment for 6 Months of Inspired Community, Connection, and Collaboration



1.Complete the Intake Form you receive when you opt in via the box below.
2.Submit it to Nancy at and we’ll schedule a phone conversation to explore if this is the “perfect fit” option to meet your needs.


About Nancy Juetten

NancywithBangsBlueDressBusiness Bio Expert and Get Known to Get Paid Mentor Nancy Juetten is known as “the real thing” by scores and scores of clients who call her both mentor and friend. She delights in guiding those who love the spotlight and those who are just getting over their reluctance to step forward to share their messages with the world so the marketplace can celebrate.





Participants RAVE about the Value and Impact
of Nancy’s In-Home Events

Debbie-face“Nancy is a career changing publicity expert. This retreat gave me the opportunity to get my arms around my media and public relati
ons strategy so I can take big leaps to get known and be heard.”

– Debbie Whitlock •

Get Known to Get Paid™  Monthly Membership Retreats with Nancy Juetten

“I loved the intimacy of this event. Each guest could have his/her issues addressed. I learned three things that I can immediately implement to become a known expert in purposeful profitability.”

– Audrey Godwin • CPA The Godwin Group, PLLC


“Nancy, thank you for the wealth of information, expertise, insight, support, and chocolate you offered at the retreat in the extraordinary setting of your beautiful home. I am agog at the materials you provided and the self-directed agenda I’ve come away with. I was inspired, uplifted, enriched and exhilarated from the company and ideas of the other powerful, creative women at the event. I’ve come away with a practical task list, both short-term and long-term, for my project that feels enticing and do-able. I am ecstatic to have a wealth of resources and experts at my fingertips to guide me along the way.Thank you for all that you are, and for all that you continue to be!”

– Nina Durfee • Co-Founder of Wisdom Well Retreats for Mid-Life Women

“Hi Nancy, Thank you for the outstanding event. I cannot believe how much information you packed into such a short time and the materials given.But better than that, I was very confused about how to start and actually make it all happen. The instant action items are perfect to get going and I now understand the process…and it finally makes complete sense! Thank you especially for your individual attention in helping me apply the principles to my business. Invaluable!”

– Craig Sigl,

Get Known to Get Paid™  Monthly Membership Retreats with Nancy Juetten

“Definitely valuable and worth more my time and money. Value-added for sure. I was feeling overwhelmed before I came in. I am leaving with a very clear sense of direction and the steps I need to take to get there.”

– Robin Daly • Daly’s Paint & Decorating
206-633-4200 •

“We knew tea was good for our health. Now those lucky enough to spend time with Nancy know her retreat is good for our business.”

– Regina Glenn • Pacific Communication Consultants Inc

Lisa Pike

“It’s about time someone realized that small businesses need exposure, but can’t afford it through traditional means. You have armed us with some nuts and bolts to make a difference in our businesses. This is very useful to all business owners. Many are in their first years, when marketing is vital, but money is tight.”

– Lisa Pike, ScribeRight Transcription Agency,

“The information presented introduced new ideas and reignited many dusty recommendations from past forays into the publicity arena. You managed to corral some wonderful simple and common sense approaches to getting results. Your presentation helped clarify, inspire and gave us the tools to create our individual plan for the results we desire.”

– Craig Weindling Smiley Dog

“Nancy Juetten’s retreat is jam packed with simple-to-implement winning ideas for any small business owner ready to take their first dip into the publicity pool. Nancy’s generous spirit and willingness to share insider secrets will inspire you to get into action today. Put the power of publicity to work and watch your business soar.”

– M. Sharon Baker, Freelance Writer

“Nancy’s knowledge and enthusiasm for advising the small business owner are limitless! I left the seminar with a concrete, 5-step plan I could immediately implement for our company to be seen, heard and celebrated in the media. I’m excited about the synergy developed with the other participants and look forward to participating in this energizing “think tank” again soon!”

– Laurie Lamoureux • Chief Box Opener, Out of the Box Unpacking Service

“It was a casual setting, and Nancy helped me understand the secret to setting myself apart from other people who are in similar lines of work. The seminar rocked. I got lots of new inspirations. It shook the cob webs out. Nancy was an informative and approachable speaker. She gave each person individual time, too.”

– Trish Nerney • Eastside Uptown Girl Seattle Post Intelligencer Reader Blogger

“Nancy, you are as handy as a pocket in a shirt, and a wonderful resource to have at my fingertips.”

– Don Burrows

“Enthusiastic, personable, power-packed five hours with media maven Nancy Juetten was fabulous. Nancy, one of Seattle’s most valuable treasures, imparted her knowledge with humor and materials to get me started toward achieving my goals of greater publicity.”

– Kay Zatine Windemere Real Estate

“I’ve been in public relations for
20 years and have never been fond of publicity work. Nancy’s retreat provided the information, inspiration and motivation so now I’m ready to jump in with both feet on behalf of my clients who have great stories to tell.”

– Peg Witham • APR Peg Witham Consulting, Inc. Kirkland, Washington

“This retreat could well be the watershed for my new copywriting business. The material Nancy provides is certain to take me from start-up to profitable in one quantum leap. I can’t wait to get started.”

– Mike Schwagler• Copywriter-in-Chief Write for Sales Copywriting

“The retreat was an excellent investment of my time and money. Nancy’s workshop provided everything I need to launch a publicity campaign: tips, proven strategies, enthusiasm, common sense, and lots of laughter. I will definitely use the takeaway tools, especially the examples of successful pitches to media contacts.”

– Lynn Gaertner-Johnston • Founder Syntax Training: Tools for Better Business Writing

“If you are tired of wasting your advertising budgets, Nancy’s session is a great way to evaluate now PR could launch your lead generation.”

– Rose Smith • The Alternative Board

“I highly recommend this immersion in practical publicity education by warm, entertaining Nancy. I walked away with a world of information to act on now.”

– Deborah Shields Soulstar Healing Arts

“Nancy has a warm, generous spirit that under girds the whole info-packed presentation. I feel informed and encouraged both as a business owner an an individual. Thanks so much, Nancy!”

– Margit Crane • The Gifted-Teen Coach, LLC
Author of the forthcoming book, Gifted with AD/HD:Insider Strategies to Increase Your Child’s Happiness and Success

“Wow! What a bang for the buck. I felt like Nancy was consulting with me personally. Plus, there were nine other professionals to add ideas.”

– Darla Schild

“Nancy is an energized, enthusiastic presenter who knows her material. The information was practical and well-organized. I left this session ready to get started.”

– Annie Skipper • Eastside TM Program

“I value Nancy’s friendly and approachable style, combined with her willingness to really help. She really personalized her advice in a comfortable environment. She is energetic, articulate, and very helpful. I feel enlightened.” Dianne Cumberland “Thank you so much for the fabulous training. I was honored to be a member of the inaugural training session. You are amazingly talented with a very generous and genuine spirit. I’ve met many other people in the PR field. Your knowledge and willingness to share what and who you know never cease to amaze me. I already recommend you to anyone looking for a PR specialist and will continue to do so.Your training was a 5+ in every category listed on the evaluation…”

– Marcia Brixey • Founder & President Money Wise Women Educational Services

“This PR session offered by Nancy was worth many times the price she charged and the time I invested: I came away with valuable tools to get started right away plus new enthusiasm to implement them and met other attendees who have interesting businesses, as well. I highly recommend this retreat to anyone wishing to take their business to the next level to attend this worthwhile program.”

– Kristi A Mandt, CFP® • Millikin Mandt Associates, Inc. KMS Financial Services, Inc.,

“Nancy offers a wealth of information, invaluable for every small business owner.”

– Shannon Wright, Original Basket Boutique

“Nancy is a drink from a fire hose. She has a wealth of invaluable information that every business owner needs.”

– Doug Peterson, Business Development Group, Inc.