More Mamapreneur Tips Debut at Toilet Paper Entrepreneur Blog TodayCheck out this useful compilation of tips provided by moms who are also business owners.  Their tips for success may help you find more success in your own backyard and beyond.

Mike Michalowicz compiled an abundance of tips from mamapreneurs all across the USA resulting from a query he posted to HARO.  If you are not yet subscribing, why not?

Did I submit a tip? Absolutely. I don't just preach this advice. I apply it, too!

68. Best Solution And Value First

How Mom Entrepreneurs Manage It All: Clients and customers want the best solution for the problem at hand at a price that makes good sense with service that meets or exceeds expectations. Period.

Focusing on how you deliver in that regard is the key to anyone’s success — mommy entrepreneur or not. That has certainly been my strategy since launching my company in February of 2001 when my son was three years old, and it has worked very well.

Thanks To: Nancy Juetten of Authentic Visibility

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