If you are hungry for useful publicity tips you can apply now and in the New Year to catapult your business from the darkness to the media spotlight without suffering overwhelm, spending a fortune, or spinning your wheels, today is your lucky day.

Tune into to Biz Talk with Zita on Billabong TV to listen to my interview with Zita Gustin about media relations tips, ideas, case studies, and “aha” moments to inspire your own do-it-yourself publicity success.

During this interview, I offer lots of fun and sassy examples of local publicity delivering the goods for clients such as Olympic Hot Tub Company and Affirmagy. I also share a few of my “aha” lessons for turning my information products and Publici-Tea™ events into a real revenue stream. Those of you who intend to do the same in the New Year can benefit from some of the powerful lessons I've learned from experts such as Fred Gleeck.

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