Testimonials from your best clients can make it that much easier for new clients to “get to yes” faster to engage your products or services.  A few weeks ago, one of my newest clients — La Panzanella — called me as a result of reading a testimonial on my website from one of the clients I serve that he likes, trusts, and respects.  Now, I have a new, fabulous client.

If you want more new, fabulous clients, put testimonials to work for you.   And, don’t just rely on written testimonials.  Invite audio testimonials.  With AudioGenerator™, it’s easy.  Click here to read and listen to what happy clients have to say about this product that makes your your come alive so people can get to know, like and trust you faster AND make it easy for your best clients to sing your praises in their own words that you listen to!

And, if you need to ask for testimonials, here’s a message you can customize to meet your needs to make asking easy:

Dear (First Name Here),

Thank you for the opportunity to contribute to your company’s success through my company’s products and services. The reason I am connecting with you today is to make a request. Our firm is updating its website and marketing collateral materials to reflect some of our proudest projects and contributions.  We’d be honored if you would provide a comment for our website and other marketing collateral materials that communicates how our team contribution has made a difference for your business and how you felt about the work process every step of the way.  Can we count on you to share a comment along these lines by return email or chat with either of us by phone to share your thoughts?  Your constructive comments to help us enhance our service and results are always welcome and appreciated.  (First Name Here), our success grows, thanks to the powerful advocacy of important clients like you.  Thank you for considering this request and sharing your comments by (insert deadline here.)

When you ask for what you want, you often get what you ask for. Try this, and see how generous your best clients will be in supporting your success with their remarkable, memorable, and repeatable testimonials. And use AudioGenerator™ to make those customer testimonials come alive with real voices that sing your praises better than any written testimonial can hope to.