card-back-webNetworking at live events can lend powerful fuel to new business opportunities, referrals, and other ways to grow your influence, impact, and income.

One of the biggest networking blunders people make is collecting business cards at networking events and then entering the email addresses into their ezine lists without permission.  This is a sure fire way to annoy someone and invite an unsubscribe in record time.

If your priority is to grow your list, consider creating a card for networking events that showcases an irresistible benefit that people want.  Then, when they return to their office to practice the fine art of FOLLOW UP, they can take the initiative to opt-in because the offer noted is compelling enough to invite action.

Since I am traveling to Dallas to speak at the NSA Winter “Monetize Your Message” Conference the first week of February, I created a networking card that I can share with the wonderful people I meet who can one day become my referral partners, colleagues, and clients.

The front side of the card offers my name, phone number, email, and web address.  The back side of the card — featured here — showcases my photo, “visual credentials” that make me memorable,  and a call to action to enjoy a benefit that many mission-driven experts, speakers, authors, and consultants may find very compelling.   Those who love the call to action are likely going to opt-in to enjoy this “pink spoon” and become part of my community.  Then, it is up to me to share useful information through my ezine to add value to  so they will one day make the wise choice to do business with me.

Do you have a networking card?   If not, create one so you can invite more perfect people into your community and start building winning relationships that will be great for all.