If you missed Friday's publicity presentation at the North Seattle Community College Network Breakfast, I've got great news for you. You can still learn how to pick the low hanging media fruit to create a fabulous local publicity basket, and you can do it with the convenience of never having to leave your office. You can listen to the audio file, read the written transcript, and get all the benefits of the great information right now.

Programming Director Hendricka Benjamins said, “Last Friday's presentation was GREAT! Everyone went home with useful, practical tips they could immediately put to use. I like how you empower your audience and make every person feel like they can be more media savvy.” The audience comments about the presentation were equally positive.

When you listen, you will learn:

  • What kinds of stories are likely to earn the ink for the small retail feature in the Seattle Post Intelligencer
  • How to get “Your First Job” highlighted in the Job Market section of the Seattle Times
  • What to say and who to call at the Puget Sound Business Journal to earn a bylined article to bring your expertise to the attention of business decision makers who can’t wait to benefit from the wisdom of your sage advice
  • Easy ways to promote your business events to earn media attention and invite “more butts in the seats”
  • And so much more.

If you want to build the buzz in the Puget Sound region about your business, you will do yourself a fabulous favor by availing yourself to this engaging, empowering, and information-packed Audio Presentation #6 today so you can apply the pitching tips to your immediate do-it-yourself publicity advantage. Here is a link to make it easy to learn more and buy Audio Presentation #6 now.

Why wait another minute when you can start picking the low hanging media fruit to create a fabulous local publicity basket for your growing business? I can't wait to receive your order so you can be empowered to help yourself earn the publicity your company deserves sooner versus later.