Bernice Bright DickeyIn September, Bernice Bright Dickey signed up for an Extreme Bio Makeover, and by the time the ink was dry on the new bio, a targeted pitch was on its way to the faith/values editor at the Houston Chronicle to invite a feature story.  The pitch was right on target, and Bernice's story is now being told.  Check it out at this link.

Here is the pitch I sent, which enlisted a reply within minutes.  This pitch showcases how useful it can be to have your bio and relevant prior media coverage embedded within the text of an email to make it easy for the reporter to decide to proceed.  Notice that the pitch makes clear why Bernice's story is timely, useful, relevant, compelling and local?  This is always a winning recipe.

The lessons here are simple. First prepare your story.  Then share your story.   It's just that simple.  And it works.

Hi Diane,

Since you write about health for the Houston Chronicle, I am connecting with you to share a compelling story about emotional healing that seems especially timely, given that our nation is preparing the honor the anniversary of the 9-11 tragedies and the people of the Gulf Coast continue to heal in the aftermath of the losses suffered at the hands of Hurricane Katrina.   This is a story about a local woman who has traveled a remarkable journey of emotional healing to triumph over great personal tragedy and commit her life to guiding others to do the same.

Bernice Bright Dickey, a resident of Sugarland, Texas, has a powerful message to share about rising up to achieve what is possible in the face of profound personal loss.  You may remember reading about a tragic car accident within the pages of the Houston Chronicle in January of 2002.

Her husband Kevin and 10-year-old daughter Naomi were killed when their car and a train collided, and baby Miriam was the only one to survive the accident before the car exploded in a sea of flames.    Bernice, in one moment, went from wife and mother to widow and single mother.  What makes Bernice's story especially compelling is that this accident was the second accident to claim members of her immediate family.  Her parents were taken from her as a result of an auto accident that took place 11 years prior.

Today, Bernice has emerged from her despair to write a book and become a minister of healing to others who are in some process of grieving profound loss.   Bernice is a licensed minister of the Gospel at Kainos Community Church in Katy, TX. At Kainos she is a Rhema Minister, bible study teacher, and teacher trainer for all bible study teachers. She is fiercely committed to guiding the bereaved and broken-hearted to achieve reconciliation of their profound losses and closure in reconciling past hurts so they can move forward with perspective and feel gratitude for the lives they must be fully present to lead.

As Bernice shares her journey from despair to possibility, she guides others to:

  • Get unstuck in their grieving process
  • Gift themselves and others the treasure of forgiveness
  • Release bitterness and anger to open the door for grace
  • Tame depression
  • Rise up and be resilient, knowing that what doesn't kill us makes us stronger
  • Look forward to the rest of their lives with gratitude and belief that the best is still yet to come

Diane, don't you agree that these messages seem especially timely and relevant and quite compelling to share with the readers?  My sense is that the readers would be inspired to learn how Bernice overcame the tragedies and losses of her own family members to rise up to guide others to do the same.    Here is a link to make it easy for you to learn more about Bernice and her book, entitled “My #1 is Still My #1”

I would be happy to arrange a convenient time for you to talk with Bernice and learn more about her story as a means to inform and inspire your readers at a time when her message can guide and heal in perfect timing.  I will follow up with you by phone in a few days to check your interest in this story, unless I hear from you first.


Nancy Juetten

If you are ready for action, you know where to find me and engage me to help so you can get seen, heard, and celebrated — just like Bernice.