Niche Workshop CA

Niche and Grow Rich When You Name and Claim Your Perfect People to Benefit from How You Serve

Who are YOUR Ideal Clients?
Let’s Figure This Out at this High Value Workshop for Bastyr University Students, Alumni and Friends

Make it your top priority to attend this high value and interactive workshop taught by Get Known Get Paid Get Happy Marketing Mentor Nancy Juetten

Niche Workshop CA

Anyone who has ever said something like: “I am a chiropractor — anyone with a spine is my potential client” will benefit from this deep dive into what makes naming and claiming an ideal and PROFITABLE niche audience such a crucial and foundational business decision.

When you name and claim your ideal clients, it is so much easier to attract them to your practice and work the healing magic your Bastyr education has equipped you to provide so brilliantly.

This workshop offers an interactive experience packed with practical value and the opportunity to get expert feedback.

checkmarkWe’ll start with basic training around WHY it is so important to name and claim a profitable niche.
checkmarkYou’ll get ‘aha’ insights as we review compelling before and after examples to illustrate the upside of getting this right from the start.
checkmark‘Name and claim your profitable niche’ handouts offer powerful support to guide you to name and claim your own profitable niche audience.
checkmarkNancy Juetten will offer expert coaching and marketing message magic live and in the moment to support you in making your message sizzle at HELLO so you can attract more of your perfect clients as soon as possible.

Audience Members Rave:

steve-garvin“Wow! Nancy Juetten spoke with poise and mastery on identifying and communicating with your ideal client. Quality stuff! What I was really mesmerized by was her ability to make words hang in the air and dance. She spun off a number of key phrases for various businesses like a magician. I know I am using some hyperbole. But I love words and I was truly amazed by Nancy’s facility and ease with putting words together.”
– Steve Garvin

dan-wingard“Nancy Juetten, you are such a gem! You captivated the audience with your wisdom, words and heart to connect and serve at such a high level. Such a privilege!! You moved people to taking action on their dreams masterfully. Loved it!! Thank you so much for your incredible presence, impactful training and amazing support! You brought huge value tonight. You rocked the room!”
– Dan Wingard

cathy-waidelich“I was amazed at the amount of great advice Nancy gives with an entertaining flair & in such a short amount of time.
I attended a Tony Robbins’ Business Mastery event last month where he had the BEST Coaches teaching us their Trade Tips.
All I could think of was that Tony would receive tremendous value by having Nancy present her effective business building tools to his event participants, like her Brilliant Bios & Sizzling Speaker Sheet.
Within a few days, I attended Nancy’s “Niche and Grow Rich” Workshop. I’ve never experienced anyone quite like her. She can take the most boring information & make it user-friendly & FUN! No matter what work someone said they did, she turned into a catchy description that made us all go WOW! I’m ready to take my company to the next level, & I’m certain, with Nancy’s expertise & guidance, it’ll happen quickly.
Whether you are starting a business or enhancing it, Nancy has all the resources needed to catapult you to your destination.

– Cathy Waidelich
Founder/CEO, LegacyCaring
Past Instructor, Psychology Dept., Bastyr University

susan-farleyThank you again for another amazing workshop! I can see how much the students and alumni get out of it and it is very inspiring. I know I can always count on you to provide the most high-quality presentation and experience, rich with interactive processes and sensitive to the unique interests and needs of the participants with compassion, sincerity and a good dose of humor and fun! Oh yes, and BREAKTHROUGHS!
In gratitude,
– Susan Farley
Director of Career Services, Bastyr University

danielle-youngI was initially on the fence about whether or not to go to Nancy Juetten’s Niche and Grow Rich Workshop. I was feeling discouraged, confused, and was I lacking confidence and focus in starting up my coaching business. However, I made the decision to go and from the moment I sat down and listened to Nancy speak, I could feel her warm, heart-centered energy and I knew I was in good hands. All doubt had been washed away. Nancy helped provide excellent insight into how to find clients and how to create a lucrative business. She also generously spent additional one-on-one time with me after the talk to help me focus in on my niche and provided me with wonderful tools, suggestions, and powerful insight. If you are on the fence like I was, make the decision to go. You won’t regret it.
– Danielle Young
Bachelor’s in Health Psychology, class of 2016

elizabeth-wardIn full disclosure, after a full day of work, I was tired and I really just wanted to go home…but something about this Niche and Grow Rich Workshop was so appealing from the first moment I heard about it that I knew I had to push through and just go. And boy am I glad I went, because by the end of this super engaging, interactive and very personal workshop, I was completely, 100% inspired.
I just wanted to tell you that I had many breakthroughs and aha moments both during and after the workshop last night. The workshop was so clarifying, helping me with focusing questions, real life stories and examples and personal feedback from Nancy, so I could get super clear about my ideal client and the very special gifts and strengths that I bring to the table because of my unique life experiences.
I appreciated that Nancy took the time to greet me warmly and spend a few minutes with me to get to know who I am and what I wanted in my life.
The most amazing part was that within just a few minutes of chatting with me, she had accurately assessed, understood and gotten to the heart/essence of what I have been searching for and wanting to deliver to my ideal client for years!
By the end of the night, I had a delightfully focused and valuable vision statement and numerous ideas and resources for what to do next.
Thanks Nancy…this is a huge game changer for me and one of the best and most valuable workshops I have ever attended.
– Elizabeth Ward

paulie-mitchellHad to write to tell you thank you for the time we got to spend at the Niche and Grow Rich Workshop last night and on the phone today. Already wrote to Susan to thank her for her part in getting you here for the workshop and it occurred to me that I needed to let you know, too. I am sooo very appreciative for the clarity I got on looking at my niche and my ideal client. It was so valuable in affirming that I am on the right path and in helping me be able to communicate the kind of medicine I want to practice comfortably. The conversation we had absolutely gave me goosebumps as I considered the insights and ideas you helped me to see. As a first year student here at Bastyr, what you have to offer is valuable. But for those students who are near to their graduation or have already I cannot imagine that they would want to miss this. It is an opportunity to gain so much. They would be missing out not to attend your workshop. My advice, “Make sure you are there!”
Thanks for Everything.
– Paulie Mitchell

P.S. What you did helping people get to their own Aha! about why they are on their path and being about to relate that in a story is Powerful! Maybe even more significantly is that it is touching! What you teach your audience to do has the potential to make us all more approachable and hugely increases our appeal as it connects us directly to the heart of our audience – be it an audience of one or one thousand. Fabulous stuff that!


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San Diego, CA – Friday, November 4 — 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. Pacific

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