Nicole DonnellyIn this age of reinvention, I enjoy watching how successful entrepreneurs move from one quality, money-making venture to the next.   Today, my attention turns to Serial Entrepreneur Nicole Donnelly.

Donnelly is an entrepreneur who is parlaying her success in retail soft goods to a host of new initiatives relating to social media management software and more.

Nicole launched Babylegs and grew it over a five year period from zero to the millions of dollars.   Today, the company she launched and sold to a major hosiery manufacturer enjoys worldwide retail distribution of leg and warm warmers for little ones.  She credits the meteoric growth of Babylegs to the power of connection with the right people to carry a relevant message forward.   Retail Soft Goods to Social Media Software and Beyond!

Now, she shifts her focus toward guiding other entrepreneurs to become capable, confident, equipped, and connected to engage and profit from the strategic use of social media.   Her company — creatively named Salty Waffle — is the umbrella organization that serves the the hub for all of Nicole's latest business ventures, including her new book, Ride Like a Penguin, her new social media measurement application called BigRuby, Salty Waffle Social Media Boot Camp, and the Salty Waffle Social Media Hook Up.

I asked Nicole about how she named her company.   Donnelly told me she is a life long lover and baker of waffles of every possible variety and flavor.  It is actually something she is well known for among her family, friends, and business colleagues.  She said, “Waffles bring people together, day or night, to connect, enjoy, and brainstorm about ideas big and small.  Since I live near the water  in West Seattle, there is always a hint of salt in the air.  When baking up a sticky brand name to serve as the umbrella for my latest business initiatives, Salty Waffle rose to the top of the list.”

Love that.

If you want to taste what Nicole is baking up beyond tasty waffles, don't miss the Salty Waffle Social Media Hook Up.  This speed dating, social media hook up event that offers guests interested in social media the opportunity to meet up with passionate social media players who know how to make social media work for just about any business.   It is also a fundraiser to benefit EO Accelerator and Ravenstone, both of which are classified as 501c3 non-profit organizations.  A silent auction of fine art will fill the coffers for both worthy organizations.

EO Accelerator guides business owners to grow from $250,000 to achieve the $1 million revenue mark, and Ravenstone guides fine artists in the business of successfully running their businesses.

Here are the event details so you can mark your calendar and gather up a group of your friends to attend, enjoy, and savor the practical knowledge that can propel all of your businesses forward:

Wednesday, June 9

SODO Commerce Building
66 S. Hanford Street
Seattle, WA 98134

COST & REGISTRATION – Click on the link!

I'll be there.  How about you?