You can't pick up a newspaper today without reading something about the credit crunch and what it means for people, their homes, and their businesses. This issue becomes especially important for “middle market” companies that need capital to grow now.

Over the last several months, my team and I have been working with the traditional and online media to build the buzz for the August 7 Northwest Growth Financing Conference coming to the Bell Harbor Conference Center this August 7. Here is the latest press release that reports that The Northwest Growth Financing Conference is attracting a record number of investment firms representing a record amount of capital to the August 7 event. Investment professionals from 80 of the nation’s leading private equity funds and mezzanine/subordinated debt funds with more than $80 billion of capital under management and to invest are slated to attend the conference, which will be held at the Bell Harbor Conference Center.

This is a must attend session that offers panel discussions among experts who will examine the financing options available to “middle market” companies in a format guaranteed to generate lots of interaction among the panelists as well as the audience. The Northwest Growth Financing Conference is almost sold out with a week still to go. Those seeking to make winning connections need to come prepared, so we created an article offering networking tips to make the most of connections to be made at this event. Whether you are attending this event or any other industry function, you will be well served by following these tips. Special thanks to Zita Gustin and Betsy Talbot for contributing their time tested and proven networking tips to this piece.

I'll be attending on August 7, and I hope to meet you there.