Alison Marks has a website called 6 Figure Home Office, and she also hosts a series of interviews called “Success Talks with Alison Marks.”  During these interviews, she asks successful business owners questions like:

  • How is your desk set up?
  • How do you keep email and social media from eating up your day?
  • How do you organize your files?
  • What does your to-do list look like?

Her mission is to guide home based business owners to get more done in less time.   If that isn't a cause worth fighting for, I don't know what is!

I'll be her guest for the November 15 program, and I am really looking forward to it.

When Alison asked for my bio, yes, she wanted the professional bio that is ready 24/7 on the “about” page of my site.  And, she wanted a more personal bio that would speak to my life as a home based business owner.

Since Morgana Rae has kicked me in the behind about apologizing for being a suburban soccer mom (on video, no less!), I've written a new, more personal bio that I can share for situations where this style of message is relevant to the opportunity.

AdoptionDay9-2-11Nancy transformed from “desperate housewife” to “PR and Storytelling Diva” by taking her own advice.  Since 2001, she has generously shared her tips, resources, workshops, and programs while working comfortably from her  Bellevue, Washington home office — often while wearing pajamas.  As disciplined about her work habits as she is about creating great results for clients and her own brand and reputation, she is most proud of her almost 25-year marriage to Steve Juetten and the good job they are doing so far raising their 14-year-old son.   Both work from home offices and are at the ready to support both clients and family needs at a moment's notice and without apology.  Their adorable Cockapoo puppy “Champ” adds some welcome and wonderful chaos to their lives.