Today's broadcast tip of the day comes from Guest Blogger Janet Vasil of Your Media Moment and Beyond.
Take it away Janet!

JanetVasilPhotoMost authors have to do their own book promotion these days unless they are established stars. Consider interviews on radio and TV, even online podcasts and web TV, to promote yourself and your ideas. You may sell a few more books.

Here are some things to keep in mind.

DO ask the producer a few questions before the show.

How will you be introduced? Will they identify you as an author and say the name of your book or will they title you more generally as an “international adoption expert” or “registered dietitian?”

Will they show the book cover on TV?

Will they give out your website or put a link on their website to yours?

They'll probably say yes to most of these, but don't push. You may be able to subtly work your book title or website name into your answers.

DO bring extra copies of your book to the studio, even if you sent copies in advance. Props get misplaced in the rush to get on the air. A radio host might flip through your book and comment on something specific. A TV host may hold up the book or put a stack of them on a table in the shot.

DON'T be stingy with information. Please don't answer questions with, “You'll have to read the book.” Or, “I talk about that in my book.” The show is not a commercial. The interview is a showcase for you as the expert guest. Talk about the problems you solve and offer insights about issues. Do not say, “You can find the answer to that on page 46.”

DO say instead, something like, “We cover more than a dozen ways in my book. Here are the top four.” Or, “I devoted a whole chapter to that subject and here's what we found.” Put real substance in your answers.

DON'T think your job is to plug the book. An interview is about showing personality and sharing ideas. Aim to be chatty, credible and interesting. The viewers and listeners who want more of YOU, will want your book.

Media Momentum Coach Janet Vasil uses her more than 25 years experience as a radio/TV anchor, reporter and producer to help women entrepreneurs, authors, service professionals and other experts step into the spotlight, reach out to the media and profit from free publicity on TV, radio and the “virtual airwaves.”