Lady T — The Business Coach for Moms™ — and I had a Blog Talk Radio conversation this morning that focused around facing the fear of starting and growing a business and doing it anyway.  As we spoke, I recalled how I started my business with a desire to buy better groceries and found a way to build my practice to the point at which I was too busy to cook.  It was a fun walk down memory lane as we spoke about my “reinvention intervention” to grow my business in new ways, thanks to the debut of Bye-Bye Boring Bio.   This interview isn't so much about how to write a great bio.   It is about how to follow your inspiration to create a product that can ease pain that is deeply felt that your ideal clients are willing to invest money into to experience the relief.  And it is about feeling the fear around starting and growing a business and doing it anyway.   Here is the link to make it easy to listen in and enjoy.