On good karma, keeping it real and doing it my way ...Last week I delivered a masterclass on podcast guesting for good and profit to an appreciative audience of hundreds.
I poured on the value and gave it my all.
As it happens, there are folks who love the content and feel satisfied.
There are those who love the content and decide to enroll to get even more value and support.
I planned for an extended time window for folks to binge listen to the replays because I realized that the holiday weekend, graduations, senior proms, and other non-work related activities might be playing with people’s priorities.
Some would say this was a mistake.
Instead, I decided to consider it a wonderful opportunity to benefit from the good karma bank.
On good karma, keeping it real and doing it my way ...
I’ve been asking those who got value and for whatever reason have decided not to enroll in my tuition based program to invite friends to join us in the group to benefit from the extended replay window.
(Replays are posted to the GUIDES tab along the top horizontal navigation of the Facebook group.)
Guess what?
Folks are doing that because they loved the value and want others to benefit, too.
The group continues to grow, and the replays are welcoming a fresh audience of folks who have been warmly recommended by those who have already participated!
Best of all, they have the luxury of time to consume those replays and bonus resources and come to their own best next step decision with me as their guide when the Broadcast Your Brilliance Boot Camp starts up again on June 9.
I am super excited about the good energy that is flowing and know that when enrollments close, I’ll have the perfect folks on the bus to serve.
Those who have already joined are ideal clients.
Hubby says that when I leave this Earth, my tombstone will say, “She did it her way.”
He would be right about that.