Every now and then, something wonderful takes shape, right before your eyes, and you just have to share it.

Kammie LisenbyKammie Lisenby is a 23-year-old business owner of Simply Efficient who is really serious about building her business and making a huge difference in her own backyard and beyond through her work as a professional organizer.   Launching a business two years ago at a young age required a fair amount of courage.  Staying alive during the last couple of years has required a lot of hard work and focused effort.  She's serious about learning more so she can build the buzz and grow her business even more.

A few days ago, an anonymous business owner stepped forward to offer a scholarship to help Kammie pay the tuition associated with tomorrow's All Day Custom Publici-Tea™ Retreat.   Then, Kammie sought out additional sponsors  who believe in the business she is building and asked for their support.  She posted messages to Facebook to make her case.  She spoke to family members.  She asked for what she needed.

So touched by this effort was I that I offered a partial scholarship, as well.   Late yesterday afternoon, Kammie reported she had pulled together the tuition to benefit from the event.   She was touched by a profound kindness from an anonymous donor.  That moved her into powerful action, and now she stands to receive some powerful support to help her get to the next stage of her success.  It's just a beautiful thing.

The first donor said that when she was first getting started, a business owner who believed in what she was doing gave her a similar expression of support.  The only requirement the donor made was that when she got to a point of success later that she would pay it forward and return the favor.  That donor has certainly done that.  And I have a keen sense this isn't the first time.  What a great gift.

The GiftSpeaking of gifts, my good friend Thach Nguyen and his team are hosting an amazing event this Friday called “The Gift” that celebrates the spirit of paying it forward.   I had the amazing opportunity to work with Thach when he and his co-collaborator Matthew Ferry brought the first iteration of their event to Seattle a couple of years ago.    The gifts that have been unfolding in my life and business started flowing with abundance as a result of embracing the lessons shared throughout that special event.     You can learn more and hear directly from Thach on his key points by watching this Q13 Fox News Segment.  Thach invites everyone he meets to consider these four steps:

1- Connect deeply with others.
2- Discover what they are up to.
3- Contribute on the spot.
4- Watch miracles happen in your life.

The stories unfolding here and beyond as his many followers embrace this message are many.

Speaking of which, a couple of years ago, my name came up as someone who could handle the PR for his big event.  Frankly, I was intimidated by the challenge of using PR to compel 1,000 perfect guests to show up for a never-before-held event in Seattle.   In fact, I referred the project to a bigger PR firm with deeper bench strength than mine could offer.  As things turned about, Thach spoke with the other PR firm and then called me back.  He said he knew I could do what needed to be done.  He challenged me to rise to the occasion and submit a proposal the following week, coincident with the date the other firm was submitting theirs.   At some level, I knew Thach was offering me a very powerful gift.  He believed in my capabilities more than I believed in myself.  He connected with me in a way that caused me to think differently.  The more I thought about it, the more energy and ideas started to flow to help him achieve his goal.

  • Did I write up a PR proposal in time for the submission deadline?  Yes.
  • Did I put my heart in it?  Yes.
  • Did we work together to bring 1000 perfect guests to benefit?  Absolutely.

But here is the thing.  The gift I received was far greater than doing a great job for a client and making a treasured Thachfriend for life.  I found untapped possibilities in my own work and life than have continued to deliver wonderful rewards for my clients, my friends, and my personal life, thanks to Thach taking a genuine interest in me.  I will be forever grateful.

Here is the way I see it.  Either you believe in unlimited possibilities or you don't.    If you want to get steeped in possibility inspiration, treat yourself to The Gift with Thach and his team on Friday.  You can still purchase tickets to the event.  Here is the link to make that easy.

Thach, you are on your way to inspiring a billion people to make amazing contributions to the world.  I salute you.  I appreciate you.  And I can't wait to see what miracles manifest as others follow your lead.