When I survey those who follow my work, the #1 challenge that comes up for podcast guests who want to get booked is how to prioritize the right shows to pitch. There is so much rapid change going on in the world of podcasting.  It can be overwhelming.

Just today, I read about the most comprehensive podcast directory on the planet debuting soon.

At first blush, this sounds like an answer to a prayer for those looking for podcasts where they can be guests.

Here's the thing.

As soon as the directory debuts, chances are, it will be out of date.

Podcasts come and go as often as the weather changes. The shows that are right for your expertise are just a small slice of the entire universe of shows on the air today.

What is an ambitious podcast guest to do?

My advice is to make it a priority to identify the top 10 – 100 podcasts that serve your niche audience.  Use Google to search or do a search on i tunes.  You can also refer to these hot podcast directories to narrow your search to those that offer the bit fit at first glance. You can also notice where your top competitors are guesting and let those shows be potential avenues through which you can share your own message.

That's just a start. To make sure your searches are the most productive, here are some things to notice BEFORE you make your pitch:

  1. Does the show have at least 20 episodes on the air?
  2. Is the show actively running?   You can tell by the most recent date for the show last released.
  3. Does the show have some 5-star reviews that reinforce that this is the right kind of show for your expertise?
  4. Listen to the shows, see what you can learn, and decide that the show is a good fit for your expertise and your vibe.
  5. When you check out the shows done so far, has your topic been showcased?   If not, you have an opening to suggest how your distinct point of view can add value when you pitch.

These tips can make the prioritizing piece of my 6-P system for podcast guesting success a bit less overwhelming.

What are the six P's?

  1. Prepare
  2. Position
  3. Prioritize
  4. Pitch
  5. Ping Pong
  6. Profit

Bonus Tip:  Practice!!!

Important P.S. 

You can always hire a podcast booking agency to represent you and keep your focus on delivering your message brilliantly.  Be prepared to invest $15,000 a year for the benefit of a world-class done-for-you service service like this.

CEOs and top performers can easily make a case for this wise investment.   Those who are ASPIRING to be six and seven figure CEOs may have more time than money to invest in this strategy for right now.  That is the value of learning to pitch yourself as a guest with this 6-P system opening those big doors.

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