A few years ago, Action Plan Marketing Founder Robert Middleton posted to www.biznik.com with a comment that turned my head.  He said he was a skeptic about the value of public relations and wanted someone to change his mind.   Having followed his work for years, I posted a compelling, concise, and provocative reply to his post.  That invited Robert to follow up with me to have a phone conversation to get to know me and my expertise better.

One good thing lead to another because Robert invited me to share my expertise with his Marketing Club members around the world via a 90-minute interview that earned some pretty great reviews  He subsequently  invited me to participate in a three-day weekend of collaboration in San Francisco with some power players including Bill Baren, Samantha Hartley, George Huang, John Eggen, and others.  That single weekend opened the door for me to meet and collaborate with a number of those same powerful people to bring my expertise to much wider audiences.

Today, things just got better because I've been invited to blog for Robert's Action Plan Marketing blog as his publicity expert.  Once a month, I'll be sharing useful tips, tactics, resources, and inspiration to guide independent business professionals around the world to get known, get paid, and enjoy the wow of leveraged visibility.

Opportunity to bring your message to more of the right people is everywhere if you just have the willingness to pay attention, take inspired action, and make your impact.

What will you do today to take inspired action on opportunity that is calling YOUR name?