One of my most revealing podcast interviews so far with Brandon Straza of The Mastermind EffectBrandon Straza's podcast is the one and only show that focuses on helping you cut through the noise, invest in yourself, and move past your natural limits. You can find everything you need to know about masterminds here!

This interview shares some of my favorite tips around being a podcast dream guest.

What makes the interview different from other I have done is the degree to which Brandon Straza asks questions that invited me to recall the steps along my journey and the lessons and revelations I made along the way, along with some of the resources I've leaned on advance along my path to success.

He even offers a complete written transcript so you can read rather than listen if that is your preference.

If you enjoy and find the interview valuable, please consider heading to iTunes where you can leave a rating and review the episode. Appreciate your support!


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