Did you see the movie La La Land?  

One person in your audience can make a world of difference!

It's a powerful, engaging, and visually brilliant story of dreams coming true in ways beyond expectations.

And there is a pivotal moment in the film when the female lead delivers a one-woman-show to an audience that was far smaller than she had dreamed of.

She stood up, gave the best performance she could, and then decided to abandon her big dream and go home to her parents to sulk and question what next she should do with her life.

But that's not where the story ends.

The magic is that there doesn't have to be a sold out crowd in the stadium or the live theater. or on the virtual Zoom meeting for any of us to make our best impact.

The key is to attract the right audience to benefit from what we have to share.

When you speak to ONE perfect person throughout your training and during the delivery of your offer, magic can manifest.

That single person of influence can reach out, tap you on the shoulder, and invite you to be part of their best-selling book compilation, be a guest on their top rated podcast that serves your niche audience, or recommend you to a powerful group of influencers who haven't yet had the pleasure of making your acquaintance.  That can turn into new conversations, new collaborations, new clients, and the beautiful music of cha-ching in your online shopping cart.

Stand and deliver every time like you are speaking to the one person who has the power and influence to change your game for the better because one of these days, that person will be in your audience, and everything you've worked so hard to achieve will be yours.

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One person in your audience can make a world of difference!