A few weeks ago, while pondering the explosion of social networking sites, blogs, and other things internet related, I learned about a media list that would make it easy for me to connect with internet radio talk show hosts to suggest my clients as fabulous radio show guests. As I often say, knowing the right people to call is the first step toward earning the “ink and air.”

I read about Street Smart Marketing Guru Kathleen Gage and called to introduce myself and purchase her list. Kathleen and I had a great conversation that resulted in an invitation to contribute to her “Top of Their Game” teleseminar series that kicks off May 20. What an honor to be asked to contribute among such impressive company. The good news is that you can participate in every teleseminar. There is no charge to participate, other than your long distance charges. I invite you to visit this link to view the line up of experts and sign up to participate. You have nothing to lose and much to gain.

And, if you are looking to position yourself as an expert on internet radio shows, this list is the best $27 you can spend to make contact with the right decision makers. I’ve been making pitches just about every day, and I know great broadcast opportunities are waiting just around the corner.

All this is to say that you never know when a simple phone call can open doors to great opportunities to contribute. Be open to the possibilities by really listening to those who pick up the phone. You just might get an opportunity to share your expertise with the world. It happened for me. You could be next.