Gayle, Kelly, Mitra, Doug B4AW91710Tammy, Matt, Krista, Audrey B4AW91710MindyB4AW91710DougNancyB4AW91710Friday was a great day of hosting nine remarkable business owners in creating rock star bios to open more of the right opportunities for each.  Here is what my guests had to say about their experience:

“Nancy creates in infectious enthusiasm to guide each of us into owning our true power, confidence, and a better way of sharing our stories with those who are looking to find us!  Kyle's apple cake was the bomb!!!    Thank you for a wonderful creative morning.”

— Doug Barlow

“I gained clarity about what I can say about myself in a fun and interesting way.  I am excited about launching my speaking business so I can make my mark on the world in service to others.  Having other people hear and respond to the draft bio helped and motivates me to make sure this gets finished.   This was so much fun!  It is so great to see you light up doing what you are gifted to share.”

— Audrey Godwin

“Thank you, Nancy, for using your gifts and calling to help me get my message out to the world in a more intriguing way.  You help my written voice to speak better.  Every speaker, author, and small business owner needs you in their arsenal!”

— Krista Dunk

“Having worked with other PR agents/publicists, I like Nancy's spirit and get-to-the-point approach.  Thanks for a well spent morning of inspiration.”

— Matt Walters

“Nancy's outstanding wordsmithing revamped my boring boilerplate bio and helped me create a captivating elevator speech.  If you've got writer's block when it comes to writing about yourself, Nancy is the one who'll get you unstuck.”

— Mindy Landesman

“The best part of the workshop is taking ‘you' and putting it down on paper.  I love your energy.”

“Lovely home, relaxed setting, welcoming environment to explore one's gifts.  Loved the group contribution and meeting others looking to be seen, heard, celebrated and compensated!”

If you want what these business owners are having, treat yourself and your business to the next Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Workshop, taking place Friday, October 15 at my lovely Bellevue, WA home from 8:30 a.m. to noon.  I'd be thrilled to welcome you.  And, if you want to bring this workshop to your upcoming conference, workshop, or a city beyond my Bellevue, WA backyard, let's talk about it.  Give me a call at 425-641-5214 or send email to!