Shadow 4_28 001There are three more Oprah shows to go, and I am feeling misty.  For 25 years, Oprah has guided me through every major milestone of my life — from starting my career, getting married, having a baby, launching a business, and taking steps along my own journey to live my best life.  Over the years, I've written more than a few letters to the show to express my gratitude for the guidance. I even have ten years of O magazines neatly stored in my home office.  And, with all the “ultimate viewer” celebrations that have been hosted, I still scratch my head that my name hasn't yet been called.

Nevertheless, I am among her ultimate viewers and lifelong fans.  I celebrate Oprah for who she is, the lives she has touched, and the good that she's done by showing up every day with a mission to guide people worldwide to live their best lives.   She has often said that everyone has a story, and she and her team of producers are among the best storytellers on the planet.   The bar is high, and we can all do well to reach toward the standards they have set as we tell our own.

If you try to reach me this week by phone, email or otherwise at 4 p.m. PST, you won't reach me.  I'll be perched in front of my television, Kleenex box in hand, taking in every last moment.  I can feel the sting of tears already.  How about you?