If it's on your priority list to create an irresistible lead magnet for your business, here's a bright idea.

Study the pages of others to experience which offers compel you to opt in, and pay attention to why you are taking action.

The next time there is a big giveaway that gives you access to a host of irresistible lead magnets all at once, notice what draws you toward the opt in box.

Is it the image of the gift?  Is it the name of the person providing it?  Is it the headline?  Is it the bullet points? Is the the benefits that are clearly showcased?

I am participating in one of those giveaway events at the invitation of Dan Janal.  He assembled 11 authors of sales and marketing books, and all of them agreed to give away their book or course for two days only.  Each author agreed to send emails to their own tribes — one for each of the two days — and to post to social media.

The folks who are on the receiving end of the emails get to decide which items they download.

Take a look at the 11 books or courses you can download for free and lean into why you are compelled to download one or the other or perhaps all of them,

You might get some inspiration for a book or course or ebook or other item that you can create that can invite a stampede of new followers of your work.