Let me make it easy for you.

1)    Visit this link.

2)    Download the digital version of the Authentic VisibilityPublicity Tips Booklets that are packed with 147 powerful ways to boost business and profit from free publicity as my gift to you.

3)    Choose the five ideas that resonate most with your natural skill set to earn the specific recognition you seek. This is really important.  Otherwise, you will fight tooth and nail with every step you take.  That never works.

4)    Act with conviction to make results happen.

By practicing the tips within these booklets for my own business, would it surprise you to learn that I was interviewed 43 times in 2010? It's true. Lots of good things have unfolded in my business that are measurable and meaningful, and I have many more miles to go before I sleep.

There is no “EASY” button to push.  What is required is steady, tenacious actions taken every day — consistently.

Prepare your story.  Share your story.  Rinse and repeat.

If you are already in action, post a comment about how these tips have paid off for your brand, your reputation, and your business.   Which of these tips works best for you?  I'd love to hear your success story!